Heaven Peralejo on her quarantine life, paintings and newest singles

Kapamilya star Heaven Peralejo was in the middle of doing a movie and television project when the lockdown was first imposed in Luzon. The sudden change in routine put her coping mechanism to the test. Two weeks in, Heaven was admittedly anxious, scared, and just missing the busy and intense workplace hustle. Yet being naturally resilient, she eventually learned to embrace the situation and look for its silverlining.

Heaven appreciates how the quarantine period is giving her more time to take care of her mother, who is considered vulnerable or at higher risk for diseases due to medical histories. Heaven also takes advantage of the stay-at-home season to get to know herself better and unlock hidden talents such as playing the piano. Add to that her latest interest with game streaming, which doubles as a platform to interact with fans.

She had a happy reunion with her painting tools as well. Her works of art are mostly starry and inspired by nature. Her first masterpiece was created in 2016 as a gift for her mom’s birthday. 

Heaven’s mom Luanne always had a big role in nurturing her talents. It was Mommy Luanne and Heaven’s grandma who built her vocal habits and groomed her as a singer. Heaven was a kontesera before she joined showbiz. And she can still recall stepping on her first vocal battle at the age of four.

Sharing this talent to her adoring fans, Heaven releases her singles “Nahulog Na Puso,” which explores the bliss and fear of falling in love and “Ikaw Pala” which encourages listeners to patiently wait for the right one. She knows love is a multifaceted topic that always hits right at the feels. And as a singer, Heaven’s goal is for her listeners to find comfort and sentimental attachment to her songs. The multi-talented artist sings a few lines from “Nahulog na Puso” and “Ikaw Pala.”

Before the interview ends, Heaven gamely takes on a fun ‘bring me’ game where viewers learned interesting facts about her. Like, when asked to bring in her favorite pair of shoes, Heaven went outside her room and had us gawking at her ‘Imeldific’ shoe collection.

Heaven’s most memorable gift from fans is a laptop given on her 17th birthday, and from her mom an inspirational wall quote decor about dreaming big yet staying humble.  Through the game, we also learned the story behind the name ‘Heaven’. The young actress shared that she almost didn’t make it at birth due to an umbilical cord problem, thus the name relating to life and miracle.