Girl Talk: Belle Mariano responds to fans’ relatable ‘adulting’ concerns in recent vlog

Young women normally deal with a lot of questions - from dating (is it okay to make the first move on a guy?) to finances (how to save up when shopping is life?), health (how to soothe period pains), and friendship (my BFF and I just stopped talking).

While growing up doesn’t come with a handbook, there are people willing to help you look for answers and solutions, like actress Belle Mariano. In her latest vlog, the Gen Z sweetheart shared empowering insights going through the most relatable concerns of her young female fans.

On dating, Belle’s first uplifting advice for girls is to break barriers by actually making the first move on a guy if you wish to. “There’s nothing wrong... It really doesn’t matter. At least nasabi mo ‘yung gusto mong sabihin, ‘yung gusto mong iparating do’n sa tao. Kaysa naman sa dulo, ‘pag wala na, magsisisi ka pa. So, habang nandiyan pa, take the chance. Take the leap,” she said.

When it comes to relationship red flags, some are just hard to spot. But at the end of the day, according to Belle, listening to your gut feel can save you from a possible heartache, “If you’re not comfortable with the way they’re treating you, that’s a red flag.” Add to that, inconsistencies, lying, and when you’re no longer helping each other grow.

There has been a long debate about who pays on the first date. For Belle, the rule is as simple as, “Kung sino nagyaya mag-date, ‘yun dapat.” Or, better yet, split the bill, “The other person naman, kailangan mo rin mag-initiate na bayaran mo rin ‘yung bill. Parang ang off kasi ‘pag hindi ka man lang nag-offer. Fifty-fifty dapat.”

How do you know if the guy has pure intentions toward you? Well, you’ll just know if it feels right. As Belle put it, “Kapag genuine, malalaman mo naman, eh. If he treats you the way you want to be treated, that’s a green flag. If wala kang gut feel or wala siyang ginagawang bagay na ikasasakit mo or that’s going to leave questions in your head, you’ll know green flag siya.”

When you’re dating, it’s normal to want people around you like that person too. What if they don’t? Belle advised, “Kailangan ipakita mo sa family mo kung ano ‘yung nakita mo sa taong ‘yun para tanggapin siya ng pamilya mo.” You also need to show the best versions of yourselves and work as a team in winning each other’s family’s approval.

Belle, the other half of the popular DonBelle tandem, also answered questions about friendships. With greater responsibilities as young adults, BFF dynamic also changes and it sometimes leads to friendship breakups. However, Belle believes true friends will understand your changing priorities. And if it’s real, it will thrive despite no constant communication because you can easily pick up from where you left off.

Every girl has gone through the struggle of time management. Belle fixed hers through the guidance of more mature people around her. So, if you find it hard to keep up with the challenge, remember there’s no harm in asking for help, “Honestly, starting to balance everything, it was hard for me to find that phase wherein I can really manage everything that’s why I have people to help me. Binabalanse mo lahat. I know it’s really hard pero naniniwala ako sa kasabihan na kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan.”

Another thing that young people find hard to manage is their finances, especially in this age of online shopping. For Belle, it boils down to discipline, “Needs over wants. Gan’on dapat ang mindset.” She also believes people her age must be guided in dealing with money.

On health, specifically soothing period pains, her advice is to eat what the body needs and take rest. 

The new gen actress also won’t let young girls battle their insecurities alone. Here’s what she said about the topic: “You have to learn how to love yourself more, most especially your flaws.  Just because you have flaws doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. It actually is the reason why you are beautiful because it makes you authentic. It makes you yourself. Ang daming kamahal-mahal sa’yo. Sana lagi mong isipin ‘yun.”

For Belle, an advocate of feminism, girls should never be underestimated, “Our capabilities as women are being belittled. But we are actually capable of so many things. I hope lagi as a woman, sana lagi nating maisip na we are amazing and we are capable to do stuff."

As the eldest, the Kapamilya beauty embraced being a role model to her four siblings. Being an ‘ate’ may come with pressure but it’s also fun especially when you accept that you will never be a perfect sister.

Asked what makes her feel like a little girl again, said dreaming keeps her giddy.  “Ever since I was young, I’m the type of person who dreams big. Up to this point, I still feel like a little girl kasi I still dream big. Ang dami ko pa rin pangarap na gusto kong makamit.”

If you find yourself searching for help or tips on dating, finances, and other related adulting topics, check out this video from Belle!