Gerald Anderson reveals relationship deal-breakers in “Hello Heart, Goodbye Heart” Challenge

Gerald Anderson plays a ‘heart’ doctor for a game!

Relationships can be confusing at times, swamped with dilemmas that confront you to either stay or move on. In a game called “Hello Heart, Goodbye Heart,” Gerald would share his thoughts about different love situations and choose “hello, heart” if it’s still workable or “goodbye, heart” if not.  

We begin with a scenario wherein a date arrives an hour late. Gerald thought it depends if the tardy date can still save the day within the first 5 to 10 minutes of the conversation. In most cases, he’d say “goodbye, heart.”

Next is about having different tastes in food. While it may look petty on the surface, it can crystallize into fights and major differences in the long run. Have you heard of couples fighting over the line, “Ano’ng gusto mo?” In that case, no matter how annoying it gets, Gerald would try to be patient. This one deserves a “hello, heart” for him.

What if your pet peeve is also your partner’s habit? Sounds tricky, right? It’s a “goodbye, heart” for Gerald, although he experiences quite the same scenario in his own house every day. He said two of his housemates have this obnoxious chewing habit but he has no choice but to put up with them.

For Gerald, being forbidden to do something he really likes is a major no-no, so it’s a “goodbye, heart.” Meanwhile, a girlfriend who isn’t close with his friends would still get a “hello, heart” as long as there is respect. On having a partner who loves surprises, so much that it ruins his own plans, Gerald thinks it’s still worth fighting for as long as they’re good surprises. Also, he would appreciate the other person’s efforts.

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