KathNiel 10 Years Ikaw Ako Ating Kwento

Can you believe that it has already been 10 years of love for KathNiel? It feels that it was just yesterday when Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla were playful teens sparking kilig on screen. Now, after 10 years as a love team, their tandem grew into a beautiful and real relationship. KathNiel fans everywhere can’t help but feel elated that their number one ship is stronger than ever. 

In celebration of their decade together, Kathryn recently released the special documentary “KathNiel: Isang Dekada” on her YouTube channel. Star Magic joins in tribute by also sharing the video series “#IsangDekadaKasamaKa: KathNiel's 10 Years.” In the first chapter entitled, “Chapter 1: Ikaw at ako, ang ating kwento,” the people who have closely worked with them over the years impart their stories and tales of how the KathNiel love team came to be. 

From reel to real couple

It was in Growing Up, that Daniel and Kathryn were first paired together on a project. Not being close friends yet, the people surrounding them admitted that they didn’t click instantly. Julia Montes recalled that during that time Daniel wasn’t even Kathryn’s type and he was shy about approaching her. Another Growing Up co-star, Neil Coleta, also shared that Daniel would go to him to feel more at ease with the rest of the cast. 

Eventually, a bond among their group was formed and teasing among the group came naturally. One of their common plays was teasing Daniel and Kathryn together, hinting that their chemistry may be developing outside of the script. It was obvious that the two grew a lot closer and they are more comfortable with each other. Daniel would even make pick-up lines to Kathryn that sounded like a “harana” as Julia described. 

For Julia, KathNiel was bound to become more than just an on-screen love team, “Kahit na hindi pa sila “sila” noong time na ‘yon, ano eh, may kilig na po eh. May spark na sa kanila na parang alam namin na eventually magiging sila. Siguro ‘yon ‘yung masasabi mong love story na meant to be at destiny.”

Other close friends of Kathryn and Daniel can also attest how their love for each other grew deeper. Even if the couple wasn’t ready to become official, they could feel that the two had genuine care for each other.  Kristel Fulgar could remember how people would ask her the real score between the two, and she would just keep silent even if she knew how close they already were. Miles Ocampo also recalled the times Kathryn would share stories about herself and Daniel, excited and thrilled about their growing relationship.


More than just a love team

Daniel and Kathryn proved that their love wasn’t just because they were a love team. They were partners ready to support each other no matter what. Friends in their close squad admire how much they love each other. 

Joe Vargas deems them as the model couple in their group because of how real they are with each other and with other people. They maintain great respect in their relationship and always stay humble despite their rise to fame. 

Daniel and Kathryn’s bond also made them better people. Ria Atayde says that they were a good match because they brought out the best in each other. She added, “Their love team wouldn’t have lasted for 10 years if they weren’t the best for each other.” Pat Sugui also saw a sweeter side to Daniel, something he hadn’t seen in him over their two years of friendship. Joshua Garcia, on the other hand, appreciates how much Daniel and Kathryn valued their friendship with other people. Even if they already had each other, they spread their love with friends and family. 

Fans of their love team, even those that are in showbiz, see that who they are on-screen is who they are off-screen as well. With them, what you see is what you get. Alora Sasam shared, “Kung gaano sila kabait ni Kath sa TV, ganoon din talaga sila kabait sa totoong buhay.” Maymay Entrata, DJ Jhai Ho, Riva Quenery, and many more people they’ve worked with all share the same sentiment. 

Authentic love and remarkable talent

As their relationship grew off-screen, they still continued to excel in their careers on the big screens. This can be credited to their individual talents, professionalism, and authenticity. Direk Lauren Dyogi cites those as the main factors of why they became the phenomenal love team they are today. The young stars worked hard to hone their craft and they remain sincere throughout their journey. 

Dominic Ochoa, who worked with them in Princess and I, commends their commitment to each other as something that helped them perform better as a love team. “Hindi aabot ang isang relasyon ng sampu, kung ‘di rin ganoon kalakas ‘yong pagmamahalan at tiwala n’yo sa isa’t isa,” he said. 

The KathNiel love team also brought forth a massive fan base built on their love and they are deeply loyal to them because of how Daniel and Kathryn take care of them. According to their promoter Tita Lerma Cailles, both of them, especially Daniel, always want to show appreciation for their supporters so they make sure to give back in any way they can 一 whether it’s offering a fun after-show or spending time with them in gatherings. 

Their “The House Arrest of Us” co-star Ruffa Gutierrez also agrees with how easy they are to work with and she herself could see why thousands of fans adore them. She concluded, “For you to sustain that kind of charisma and longevity in the industry, you have to be real to people and sincere. At ‘yan ang nakikita ko sa dalawa, ‘yong tunay na pagmamalasakit sa kapwa.” 

Working with passion and heart

Daniel and Kathryn never lost sight of their dreams and still continued to focus on their career. They grew as artists both individually and professionally. Whatever project they were working on, whether together or not, they supported each other by helping in memorizing lines or internalizing the character's emotions.

Kapamilya actor Zanjoe Marudo, who worked with them in “Can't Help Falling In Love,” also admired how Daniel and Kathryn care a lot also on the projects they do. He explained, “Gusto lagi nila meron silang maipakita o maibigay na bago… ‘Di lang sila basta gawa nang gawa o tanggap nang tanggap ng trabaho. Pinag-iisipan talaga nila mabuti kung sunod nilang gagawin.”

Directors they worked with like Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar, Direk Richard Arellano, and Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina all saw how seriously Daniel and Kath work too. The skilled stars would study the script and their characters in detail as well as make clever suggestions if they have any. They are unafraid to adlib and ask questions when needed. And even if they are a real life couple, they never bring their problems onto the set and remain professional at work. 

It’s apparent that both Daniel and Kathryn love their craft. They are not in it just for the kilig, the fame, or the recognition. Direk Cathy shared one of the objectives she would always share with the pair, “Hindi kami nagpe-perform to win... Alam lang nila na we will stop at nothing para bigyan kulay nila ang mga characters na binuo ng mga writers... At ako ay masaya na Kathryn and Daniel are like that. They are very passionate about storytelling through their characters.”

Watch the whole video to look back on Daniel and Kathryn’s heartwarming journey together!