Star Magical Prom FranSeth advice Freshmen

Star Magic’s freshmen class representative Jana Agoncillo delighted everyone when she walked the ivory carpet in full bloom. In her speech, the former child star known for her past characters as Starla and Ningning truly glowed with beauty, humility, and yearning to pursue her passion. She mentioned that while their batch stepped out of the limelight during the pandemic, they remained devoted to their workshops and trainings under Star Magic. Now, they are ready to take on bigger and more challenging roles and asking for tips from their ‘ates’ and ‘kuyas’ in Star Magic.

On top of their strong sets of talents, Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin are admired for their characters. They sure have great pieces of advice to tell Star Magic’s freshmen batch on how to build a steady career in the entertainment industry.

Watch the full video of Star Magical Prom on Star Magic's YouTube channel.