Francine takes on “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge with bestie Jayda in latest vlog

While she’s known as the other half of the KyCine tandem, which she shares with her loveteam partner and Huwag Kang Mangamba co-star Kyle Echarri, Francine Diaz is being “shipped” by her fans to her beloved, talented, and equally beautiful bestfriend Jayda Avanzado and call them JayCine.

And after seeing their adorable bond in some of Jayda’s vlogs and in the music video of her latest track “M.U.”, it was Francine’s turn to feature her on her newly-relaunched YouTube channel. Being one of the special guests during Jayda’s intimate 18th birthday celebration last month, the promising actress took the opportunity to have her in her newest vlog.

Filmed after the party, they enthusiastically took on the popular “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge, wherein they would reveal who between them would probably be in a certain situation or was being described by each item. It may already be three o’clock in the morning, but their energies were apparently still in very high levels.

While both of them are likely to watch romantic movies and embarrass themselves in front of their secret crush, none of them would likely excel in Math, be a drama queen, be always happy, nor have two boyfriends at the same time.

Meanwhile, when it comes to being in a choir, Jayda jested that it would be Francine since she’s actually the one who has taught her to sing, as well as the “new, undisclosed coach” of The Voice Philippines. Francine simply rode on her bestie’s joke by claiming that between the two of them, it’s her who could hold her breath the longest possible since she is a professional singer.

When it comes to the one who’s most likely to go to Justin Bieber’s concert, to give money to charity, to meet a ghost, to fall asleep in class, and to win an Olympic medal, both agreed that it’s definitely Francine.

The Gold Squad member imparted that she’s been listening to Justin Bieber’s music ever since she was a kid through her older sisters who are fans of the Hollywood pop superstar. As her bestie described her as someone with a golden heart, Francine divulged that she’s actually dreaming of establishing her own foundation or funding a charity when she’s more financially-capable of doing so. And as she diligently works at present by taking on various projects, Francine confessed that there were instances that she fell asleep in class.

Aside from sharing the same surname with Philippines’ first-ever Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, Francine said that she’s more likely to win an Olympic medal than Jayda since between them, she’s the sporty one. She is also more likely to see a ghost because of having an open third eye when she was still a kid.

On the other hand, both of them agreed that it’s Jayda who is more likely to marry a celebrity, to have the greatest number of piercings (she has already four!), to do weird things in public, to get married first, to talk to animals, to cry because of a sad movie, to die in a zombie apocalypse, to be a world traveler, and to go on a world tour.

However, they weren’t able to provide an exact answer to who’s most likely to fall in love with her best friend, as both of them explained how truly beautiful it is to have someone you consider as your best friend as the person you’ll end up with for the rest of your life.

Watch this video to hear the witty and insightful responses, as well as the shocking revelations straight from these two lovely besties!