Francine with Luis Chin It To Win It

After amusing us with their lighthearted conversation and fun “Lie Detector Challenge” in the latest “GGG” episode of her YouTube channel, Francine Diaz released the second part of her first-ever collaboration with Luis Manzano last Saturday, July 23.

In her newest vlog, she introduced what seems to be a new segment titled “Chin It To Win It,” which is inspired by the award-winning host’s now-defunct popular game show “Minute To Win It.” Being the natural comedian that he is, Francine couldn’t refrain herself from laughing so hard to the point of tearing up because of the quips incessantly uttered by his funny guest.

While everyone was probably looking forward to their showdown in the “Face the Cookie” game, Luis suggested that it’s her who should only do it since she wasn’t able to join “Minute To Win It” before, while he reprised his role as host. After several attempts with boisterous laughter in between, Chin failed to get the cookie (or biscuit, in this case) to her mouth from her forehead by moving her facial muscles. 
She may have lost, but Luis told her that it could be a sign that she’s going to win for real on the game show once it returns on TV. As they absolutely enjoyed each other’s company, the two wished for them to be able to work in a project, particularly a comedy movie. With the high energy that she radiates in her every vlog, he hopes that she’ll be given an avenue to become a TV host, too.

Just when we thought that Francine was already done playing games, she took on four more challenges in the second half of her newest vlog. She also revealed that they filmed at the house of her godmother, Dra. Vicky Belo.

First off was “Hanky Panky”, wherein she was able to successfully pull out the 100 sheets of tissues from two with one hand on each. However, she wasn’t able to finish “Separation Anxiety,” wherein she had to segregate the chocolate candies according to color.

Her attempts in the last two games were both a success. For “Suck It Up,” he was able to transfer the marshmallows from a bowl to a cup by only sucking it via straw, while she was able to build a pyramid of cups and deconstruct it afterwards to form a stack by just using one hand in “Stack Attack”.

She may not have accomplished all the games, but Francine was still hailed as the first-ever “Chin It To Win It” millionaire. 

Although she had fun, she still wishes to play these games with someone, probably one of her fans, when the situation is already safer.

Watch this vlog to see for yourself the second part of Francine’s fun and remarkable first-ever collaboration with Luis Manzano!