Francine’s squad challenge

Nothing gets more fun than when friends get together to reminisce and spill secrets. Francine Diaz and her squad spread that kind of vibe as they hang out virtually to play a cute and crazy game on her latest vlog entry!

Francine invited her pals Ashley Diaz, Francis Magundayao, and Noel Comia, Jr to play “Who Knows Me Better: Friends Edition” uploaded on her YouTube channel. The guests would simply have to answer questions all about Francine, mimicking animal sounds to signal first. The winner would get a special prize delivered right at his/her doorstep.

So if you’re a certified Francine stan, this also gives you the chance to get to know her more. We begin with the basics like her birthday. Francis saved the date on his cell phone but the funny thing is he noted “January 28-29,” thus he got confused during the game. Ashley got the complete answer: January 27, 2004.

They also know that Francine’s favorite color is brown, that she’d settle for pants on a typical day out, she loves the American TV show “Gossip Girl,” and her usual workout routine consists of planking.

Another proof of friendship is when you can copy one another’s mood. Francine laughed out loud when Francis mimicked the way she rolls her eyes and Ashley imitated her loud “Ha?” expression.

The team had quite a discussion on whether Francine has any kind of allergy. Francis thought of seafood allergy since it’s quite common. Noel disagreed, saying Francine’s mom served them a shrimp dish when they visited one time. Francine revealed the truth, saying she’s allergic to seafood and, yes, her mom cooks shrimp but she doesn’t eat them.

Now we move on to the more interesting facts – like Francine’s crush. Although the answers were bleeped out, Noel’s juicy statement was there, exposed, to keep us thinking: “Kasi sinabi mo sa akin dati ayaw mo na, eh tapos ngayon…”

On what age she’s allowed to have a boyfriend, Francis thought of 18, Ashley went for 21, while Noel answered, “Pwede kahit ngayon na basta okay si Mommy at Daddy mo.” But the correct answer is “20 plus,” so Ashely earned a point for this question.

Asked Francine’s next goal, they answered accolades, love life, and international career – all of these are correct. They also got Francine’s dream vacation spot which is either Paris or New York.

We learned that her house is the most expensive thing she bought. If she isn’t an actress today, she’s most likely a fulltime student.

After 20 questions, Francine declared Ashley as the winner and promised to have the prize delivered to her.

Check out the fun game in this video!