Francine Diaz’s fun kulitan with Jake Ejercito continues in latest vlog

Two months after amusing us with the Part 1 of her fun chikahan with Marry Me Marry You actor Jake Ejecito in the launching episode of “Gandang Gabi Ghorl,” the talk show segment of her YouTube channel last November, Francine Diaz finally uploaded recently its much-awaited second part.

In the first part, it can be recalled that Francine asked him common to bizarre to serious interview questions, which were divided into two levels – “Easy” and “Hard”. Making it extra exciting was the “Drink or Spill Challenge” in the “hard level,” wherein he could opt to dodge an intriguing question by drinking one of the mystery drinks prepared for him as a consequence.

And in this vlog, both of them took on the “Game of Phones Challenge,” in which they had to respond to every item that her team asked by showing their phones.

First off was the last person they called, with Francine revealing that it was her manager Ate Nenette, while it was his yaya or nanny for Jake. On the other hand, for the last person they texted, it was Jake’s niece Jill Ejercito for her, while it was Francine’s manager Tito John for him.

For the 10th photo on their camera roll, it was a random scenery for Francine, while it was a screenshot of a politically-related post for Jake. Both of them then had a hard time choosing from their deleted photos, but they were able to show one from their galleries. It was a random photo she accidentally shot for the teen actress, while it’s his daughter Elie’s photo with first-ever Filipino Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz.

They also enthusiastically imparted their recent activities in the worldwide web. Just like other celebrities, they also had block several (or in Jake’s case, many) accounts Instagram, which were seemingly owned by trolls.

The Gold Squad member was suddenly put in the hotseat when they were asked to disclose the last person to whom they had a video call with. While Jake’s answer was safe since it was Ellie, hers was someone she renamed with three heart emojis and insisted that it was actually Ashley. She tried to call her in order to prove it to no avail.

For their last Google search, it was “Laguna Kite” for her, while it’s a sore throat spray brand for him. Francine then got kilig upon finding out that it’s her “Answering Assumptions About Me” vlog that her handsome guest last watched on YouTube. However, it’s the music video of American singer Ricky Nelson’s 1963 hit “I Will Follow You” for her.

Just when we thought that we’re going to finally uncover one of their deep secrets when they were asked to expose to whom they last exchanged IG direct message with, we were all wrong. Francine divulged that she actually doesn’t talk with anyone there, yet she receives a lot of mentions from her fans, while it’s Donny Pangilinan for Jake.

With regards to the amount of time they spend on their phones in a day, Jake said that it’s 9 ½ hours for him, while it’s 7 hours for Francine. And lastly, his most used phone application was Twitter for him, while Instagram for her.

The video wrapped up with Jake expressing how much he enjoyed talking to Francine, not to mention that he’s the first-ever guest for the GGG segment of her vlog. He was also game in joining the host do an easy TikTok challenge!

Watch this video to see the fun and exciting happenings in this latest vlog of Francine!