Francine Diaz takes on the fun, trending “Jowa For A Day” Challenge

She may be paired with several dashing and promising young heartthrobs in the projects she did in the recent years, yet Francine Diaz has apparently not been in any romantic relationship in real life. And while she’s still waiting for her knight in shining armor to arrive, she gave us a hint on how she will be like as a girlfriend in her latest vlog.

The video, which was titled “Jowa for a Day,” commenced with the actress telling the viewers that she was outdoors and was waiting then for her “boyfriend,” which she later on described as clingy yet mischievous, especially when she’s mad at him. She acted as if she was sulking after he assumed that he already ate at the restaurants inside the mall where they met with other girls before. Their misunderstanding worsens when he failed to notice her new outfit and didn’t order food for the both of them.

Francine then went on to enumerate the things she wanted to do, such as going on a road trip or to a beach, or playing PlayStation 5 at home, to which her “boyfriend” agreed. She also reminded him of his promise that he would grant even her ludicrous wishes, such as having a chopper and house in Pennsylvania and going to Paris, France.

She may appear toxic, but Francine could be caring and sweet to her “jowa”, who, according to her is a 23-year-old businessman. After their date at a Japanese restaurant, they headed to an ice cream parlor where he teased him that she wishes to break-up with him.

The 18-year-old star eventually revealed that she’s just pretending all along and everything’s just for content since she has been getting a lot of requests from fans to do a “Jowa For A Day Challenge”. Despite having none, she still did it and decided to just date herself.

“Just wanna remind you, guys, wala namang masama kung single ka. Actually, mas masaya kasi mare-realize mo na kaya mo palang patawanin ang sarili mo kahit walang ibang tao,” she reminded the viewers who are currently not in a relationship.

Apart from her amusing antics throughout the vlog, she further made us laugh with the bloopers in the latter part of the video. Click the play button to get a glimpse of how Francine is as a girlfriend!