Francine Diaz New Year vlog

Francine Diaz opened her doors to viewers of her widely followed vlog to share her family’s New Year celebrations.

Their festivities for the New Year, actually, is a double celebration for Francine’s family as it is also the birthday of her brother Eisa.

The vlog showed how tightly knit Francine’s big family is, as they mark big moments in their respective lives together.

The Gold Squad member first walked viewers through her preparations for their family’s New Year celebrations. She first picked the outfit she wore before actually revealing how she does her styling all by herself.

As they gathered in the family living room, we noticed how they enjoyed each other’s company while counting down to the New Year. And, when the clock struck 12 midnight, everyone in the household was jubilant as they welcomed the New Year and greeted Eisa a happy birthday. Breathtaking fireworks then lit up Francine’s neighborhood, bringing the merriment to a whole new level.

Definitely, an endearing, touching sight to see how Francine bonds gleefully with the people who mean most to her.

Watch more of Francine’s New Year celebrations with her family in this vlog.