Francine Diaz pranks mother with “P30,000 worth of delivery items”

Fun never stops at Francine Diaz’s home as the Gold Squad member pulled a hilarious prank on her Mama Merdick.

In this vlog on Francine’s YouTube channel, the young actress sets up her mommy into believing that certain items have arrived at their doorstep, with the delivery rider charging her P30,000 for them, while they were visiting another house.

Francine whispered the amount to her mom, who was obviously rattled since she didn’t have that much at hand. Francine mischievously told her that she did not have any money to pay for the delivery as well. Being guests in the house to spend time with friends, relatives and Francine’s handlers who were all her conspirators, Mommy Merdick excused herself to call Francine’s sister and ask her if she has the said amount to pay for the items with the risk of further embarrassment.

As Francine saw her mother was extremely troubled with the predicament, she went to her by the house entrance to give her the shock of her life. It’s a prank!

While she was visibly ashamed about what has transpired, Mommy Merdick was thankful that there is really no such delivery, wherein she would shell out P30,000 of hard-earned money for just a delivery item.

Fearing that her mom would be fuming about her prank, Francine said she is thankful that they were in another house as guests to prevent that. But once they reach home, it should tell another story about this wonderful relationship between mother and daughter.

Watch the whole video to witness this amusing prank.