Truth or Dare with Francine & Kim

Francine Diaz and Kim Chiu prove that with the right friend, you can have endless fun moments. The sissies collaborated again in a recent vlog uploaded on Francine’s YouTube channel wherein she prodded Kim to take on “truth or dare” questions. 

The pre-game interview sounded a little more serious as Kim talked about love and life. She reflected on one of her biggest blessings in life, having a bunch of siblings whom she also treats as best friends. Asked who her favorite sibling is, she named the eldest Lakam, the one who stands like their parent on some days. 

With five siblings, Francine related to Kim’s stories about having a big and happy family. 

The two first worked together in the digital series “Bawal Lumabas” where they played sisters. Kim’s first impression of Francine is that she’s quiet, prim, and proper. But later on she realized that the young actress is more of funny.

Francine asked if Kim believes that love is blind. Kim answered, “Of course! Sometimes your family, the people around you won’t like the person. But, as long as you feel it, you will just fight for it.”

Kim then gave Francine a love advice, comparing love to a rollercoaster ride that’s meant to be enjoyed and not feel scared of. “Free yourself. Do whatever you want. As long as it makes you happy, that’s freedom. Don’t mind everyone else around you, as long as you’re happy inside,” she said. 
The last question before the “truth or dare” round asked Kim the thing she’s grateful for, inspiring her to look back on her past struggles. She’s thankful even for the hard times that shaped her into the woman she is today. 

For the real game, Kim took on intriguing questions including whether she’s blocked someone on social media. She said troll accounts are automatically blocked on her social media space. Admittedly, she recently got pissed at a netizen who spoiled her happiness over K-Pop girl group member Yuna noticing her dance cover on TikTok. Her savage response to the annoying commenter was, “Hey, girl! I’m happy. I’m on cloud nine right now. Huwag ka nga! Basag-trip ka naman, eh!” 

For the last round, Francine dared Kim to prank call Enchong Dee, Direk Lauren Dyogi, and Robi Domingo. Only Robi was able to pick up the call. Kim started the drama, telling Robi that Francine was kicked out of the house due to a serious fight with her mom and was looking for a place to stay. 

She assured Robi, “Hindi naman kita binibiro,” to which he replied, “Matagal mo na akong biniro.” Lol. But, it didn’t take long for Robi to buy the prank, proving himself a good friend. 

Play the video to see his funny reaction after the prank was revealed and listen to Kim’s musings about life!