Francine Connected cast Pass The Message

Francine Diaz welcomed the cast of “Connected,” Star Magic Studios’ first movie, on her vlog for a fun session of “Pass The Message” with a twist! Andi Abaya, Kobie Brown, Gail Banawis, Ralph Malibunas, Amanda Zamora, Chico Alicaya, and Richard Juan were excited to take on the challenge. Their bunch is composed of Gen Zs after all, so their similar mind wavelengths might help them ace the game.

But before anything, Francine got to know the cast members since this is the first time she’s collaborating with such a large group of people. The whole cast is alumni of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, so it was easy for them to jive with each other while filming “Connected.” Moreover, the story is about a group of Gen Z boys and girls who learn to connect with something bigger than themselves in the digital age.

All of them also agreed that Direk Ted Boborol made a fine decision in giving them characters that were aligned with their personalities in real life. It allowed them to connect with and perform their roles well.

Now when it comes to “Pass the Message,” will they also be able to connect from the beginning ‘til the end of the line?

The game was set up as boys versus girls with the boys’ team called “Samgyup” and the girls’ team called “Kimchi.” The four in each group would line up. The persons at the beginning of the line will memorize the given message in their heads and whisper it to the next person in line. The person will do the same to the next until it reaches the last person. The final person in line must recite the correct message first in full in order to get a point. As for the interesting twist, the losing team gets powder swiped on their faces.

Starting with Francine and Richard, they were given the line, “Sabi ni lola pumunta ka sa tindahan para bumili ng ice candy at siguraduhin mong ibigay mo sa kapitbahay.” to memorize. It was quite a mouthful and two teams kept making mistakes by the end of the line. But after a couple of more tries, Team Kimchi’s Andi perfected it, earning them their first point and Team Samgyup’s first taste of getting their faces powdered by the girls.

The groups rotated for the next round. Andi and Kobie were now head-to-head in starting the message game. It was shorter than the first, but still quite difficult to get on one try: “Lois climbed the mountain without a companion so at night time she heard the owl and got scared.” Eventually, the teams slowly pieced the right words together, but it was Team Kimchi who, once again, got it right first — all thanks to Amanda's quick wit and memory skills.

Chico and Amanda were next in line to begin the round. They were given the message “Why is Anna listening to loud music while studying for her biology exam with her best friend Ria?” Team Samgyup struggled again with the right arrangement of words. Soon enough, Gail confidently said the message out loud and earned Team Kimchi another point.

The game continued on, ending up with one team covered with layers of powder as punishment. Did Team Kimchi continue with their streak or did Team Samgyup figure out the trick and overtake the game? Find out by watching the rest of Francine’s vlog!