First and Last Challenge, stories of teenage fun and struggles with Francine Diaz

Candid and sweet! Young star Francine Diaz went solo to answer questions from the netizens in this edition of Kapamilya Confessions.

Before anything else, Francine teased fans about her upcoming series titled “Huwag Kang Mangamba” with the other Gold Squad members Kyle Echarri, Seth Fedelin, and Andrea Brillantes.

She also took on the First and Last Challenge. Francine revealed that her first television appearance was via playing young Jenica Garcia in an episode of Ipaglaban Mo where she acted in a quick flashback scene. Kathryn Bernardo is her first celebrity idol. She first notices a person’s eyes.  Filed under her first embarrassing moment was waving back at her crush only to realize he was waving at the person behind her.   

The last time she said ‘I love you’ was probably to a fan on Instagram. She last cried three days ago. The last message she sent was ‘Hahaha’ to Jayda Avanzado. We wonder what the girls talked about! Francine said food and her crush are the last thing and person she thinks about.

Taking on questions from the netizens, Francine showed hints of sadness that she wasn’t able to fulfil her dream of working with Eddie Garcia. In the Gold Squad’s upcoming series, they will be sharing the screen with some veterans. Instead of feeling pressured, Francine is happy since everyone is generous and helpful to newbies like them.

Based on the trailer, Francine will be playing a multifaceted character, a teenage girl fighting her inner battles. She’s far from the sweet Cassy in Kadenang Ginto. She re-watches Kadenang Ginto episodes to make sure she doesn’t carry traces of Cassy’s soft personality. She also dons an edgy look for her new series.

Francine mentioned that “Huwag Kang Mangamba” will bring lessons about faith and relationships with friends and family. 

As a teenager, Francine has already surpassed a lot of trials. At the end of it all, she realized that God is always faithful to His promises and that His love is constant. So, in times of ‘pangamba’ or worry, Francine survives through her faith.

As advice to teens going through challenges especially in their online classes, Francine said she can relate with the struggle. She’s often swamped with school works and showbiz commitments. To keep herself motivated, she looks forward to reaping the fruit of her hard work. She told fellow teenagers to just keep going because the efforts will pay off someday and they would all look back with pride. She added that even challenges serve a purpose. She is proud of her achievements because she worked hard for them.

To aspiring artists, Francine underscored the grit to pursue one’s dreams. She believes that taking action is the only way to test if something is meant for you. And who knows, you might end up working with Francine.

Francine would admit the pressure of working with a loveteam partner, considering fans’ expectations. Nonetheless, she enjoys the process. She also makes sure to just spend her energy on things that are worthwhile, so she has no time for the bashers.

Francine’s New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time with her family and friends, prioritize self-love, and keep a healthier lifestyle.

Answering more fan questions, Francine mentioned Blackpink’s Jennie and KathNiel as her favorites.  She also hinted at SethDrea’s sweet offcam dynamics. Francine invited everyone to watch out for more fun content from the Squad Plus.