Find out who is Donny Pangilinan’s crush in this slambook!

In the six years that he’s been in the showbiz industry, ardent fans of Donny Pangilinan surely know a lot about him already. However, there are things that you may not know about him yet, just like the ones he bared in this “Convenient Slambook” published in TFC’s official YouTube channel.

As many of us know, his real name is Donato Antonio L. Pangilinan, from which his nickname and screenname “Donny” is derived. But aside from it, he’s also fondly called Donato, Dons, and Donnymoo by his supporters and people close to him.

While he and loveteam partner Belle Mariano differ when it comes to their favorite color – he likes black, while she’s into white – both of them love Japanese cuisine. Similar with her, his favorite vacation spot is also the beach, specifically El Nido, Palawan. They also seem to have different preferences when it comes to the music they listen to as Donny is into laidback and chill, such as “Beige” by Yoke Lore, while Belle is currently into upbeat tracks.

Their tandem indeed never fails to make us kilig – from their team-up in He’s Into Her and “Love Is Color Blind,” to their other media and public appearances. But avid DonBelle shippers surely further rejoiced when he confessed that Belle is her crush! We truly wonder if she already knows this or how she reacted or she will react upon learning about this.

With regards to his ultimate role model, it’s definitely his parents Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa. Meanwhile, he considers his younger brother Benjamin as his best friend because it’s him who ‘gets’ him the most.

And lastly, if there’s someone who he wants to play his biopic, it would be the young Leonardo Di Caprio. Although it’s already impossible, but it could be the best since the seasoned Hollywood actor is his ultimate idol.