Fall in love with CJ Navato as he demos chicken specialty

Here’s another reason to love CJ Navato- he can cook! The Goin’ Bulilit alum studied culinary arts. In this edition of Kapamilya Chat, CJ gave a sample of his kitchen expertise by demonstrating a recipe called Korean Style Fried Chicken.

CJ admires Korean chefs’ discipline in the kitchen and he thinks it adds up to the quality of their cuisine. At home, he loves to cook for his siblings whose only request is the beloved fried chicken recipe – quite ‘chicken’ for him! So instead of relying on food delivery like what his siblings usually do, CJ learned and mastered the art of frying.

Cooking for the family is his love language. He loves feeding people especially when they’re tired from work. It also makes him a responsible member of the household.

In making Korean Style Fried Chicken, make sure the chicken is crispy, golden brown, and moist. Others would even double-fry for more crisp. CJ’s technique involves a bit of science but don’t be intimidated because your basic frying knowledge will be good enough. After all, cooking is about confidence, experimentation, and love!


  1. Prepare the batter by combining water, flour, chicken powder, and your choice of seasoning.
  2. CJ opts to fillet the chicken. You may skip that part and proceed to coating the chicken with the batter.
  3. Fry the chicken in medium heat.
  4. Place the fried chicken on the serving plate. Drizzle with soy garlic. Serve with love!