Enchong & Melai Translation Game

Mars Ravelo’s Darna guest actor Enchong Dee believes that catching up with friends always deserves a special treat. That’s why he invited his Pinoy Big Brother ‘partner’ Melai Cantiveros, who he dearly misses, on a mukbang session coupled with a fun activity that celebrates their being ‘proud promdis.’

Enchong commenced his vlog by introducing Melai and a little chitchat about their budgeting mindset, saying they look for ways to save on food without sacrificing taste and quality. So, for their reunion, they savored Visayan food from an affordable restaurant.

Melai was excited for Enchong to try Chorizo de Cebu, telling him, “Partner, huwag kang umiyak ‘pag natikman mo ‘yan, ah.” Then he went speechless upon tasting the famous recipe. 

To match what’s on their spread, the duo took on a fun challenge of translating English phrases into Bisaya for Melai and Bicolano dialect for Enchong.

We learned a lot from this vlog! Now we know how to say “How are you?” in Bisaya which is, “Kumusta na ka?” Enchong’s version “Musta ka na?” sounded sweet when spoken in a Bicolano accent.

They next translated “Do you speak English?” to “Kabalo ka mo sulti og English?” in Bisaya and “Tatao ka magtaram nin English?” in Bicol.

On your next travel to Bicol, you may use the phrase “Man gurano ini?” when asking the price of an item, while in Bisaya, it would be, “Tag pila ni?” When asking where to buy an item, say “Asa ko makapalit?” in Bisaya and “Sain ko to ma babakal?” in Bicol.

Making it funny, Melai required Enchong to tell her, “Gwapa kaayu ka,” to which he jestingly replied, “Parang ang hirap sabihin.” Lol! He knew it means "you are beautiful." Comparing the two dialects, they realized some words have similar translations such as the adjective “tough” which is “maisog” in both Bisaya and Bicolano.

The besties imparted that learning basic phases in different dialects is essential when traveling, especially when you wish to make friends with the locals.

Speaking of friends, they mused on their closeness with fellow PBB hosts Bianca Gonzales, Kim Chiu, and Robi Domingo, all of whom they wish to catch up with soon.  Enchong revealed that they turned a little sentimental during the last PBB Big Night.

“Nalungkot tayo no’n kasi patapos na ‘yung PBB tapos grabe ‘yung bonding. So, parang feeling ko n’ung time na ‘yun, ang dami-dami mong iniisip, ang dami-dami mong problema. Hindi lang ako pero lahat kami parang may pinagdadaanan. Pero sinet aside namin ‘yun tapos focus lang sa trabaho. Doon mo talaga ma-a-appreciate ‘yung mga taong kasama mo sa paligid kasi mararamdaman mo ‘yung pagmamahal nila kapag may panahon na gan’un,” he said, adding that Melai advised him and Kim to focus on the present.

Capping it off, they imparted that blessings are not just material things but the people around us, too.

Join Enchong and Melai’s bonding session by playing the video!

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