Enchong Dee talks about latest project with Erich Gonzales, introduces beloved pets on Hotspot!

For the September 22 episode of ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Hotspot Live, Enchong Dee joined DJ Jhai Ho wherein he introduced his very cute pets and enthusiastically unveiled his surprise for all of his fans! 

The fun conversation started off Enchong recounting how he and perennial loveteam partner-slash-best friend Erich Gonzalez came up with the digital series “Me, You, Maybe”, which was actually directed by the actress herself. 

Enchong shared that they both noticed how fans love seeing them together in some of the vlogs that they upload in their respective YouTube channels. In one of their dinners at her home, they did a brainstorming and eventually came up with the idea of giving the EnRich fans something that they miss from watching shows from ABS-CBN. And instead of doing a vlog, they thought it would be better and more unique if they would make a series, and later on hired a writer, a cameraman, a lightsman, and editors to make it possible.

The 31-year-old actor commended the level of excitement and creativity that his love team partner and good friend showed and put up in this series, as well as noted how she has really grown so much from being an actress to being a director. Thus, he feels lucky to see the different sides of his partner – as an actress, a director, and simply herself. 

For those who still haven’t watched the first episode of the series, it’s actually about “a story of finding comfort in strangers.” If you watch the trailer, you’ll see that the characters of Erich and Enchong – Gianna and Gian – are both brokenhearted because of the fallout of their respective romantic affairs. But as the story unfolds, they will be destined to help each other move on from their past relationships. The series also stars Arjo Atayde, Janella Salvador, Alex Medina, and MJ Cayabyab, with fresh episode every Saturday at 8 PM on their YouTube channel Enrich Originals.

Moving on to his pets, he imparted that before, he actually didn’t want a pet because he knew taking care of it would be a huge responsibility, not to mention having asthma. However, tables have begun to turn when his family had Phoebe, their pet dog that’s half-Maltese and half-Dachshund. It used to be only entrusted to him by a friend, but it later on became his family’s pet dog, which they all love so much. What makes it more adorable is how he already understands commands like “stay” and “roll over.”

Enchong has also an advice to people who are still unsure on whether to have a pet or not, saying that they should only say yes if you know you have the time to take care of it and if you have the means to do so.

The Kapamilya actor went on to express that in the middle of these trying times, we should learn to divert our attentions into the positive things and try to be creative and proactive. For instance, he learned how to do yoga this whole quarantine.

Meanwhile, when it comes to handling his business, Enchong said that his only request to company owners is to not retrench nor fire any employee, if possible, for he already knows how it feels to lose a job.

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