Enchong Dee reveals more details about “EnRich Originals,” shares workout for beginners

The much-awaited reunion of Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee finally happens after a decade since their first team-up in the Kapamilya series Katorse. The duo stars in their brainchild “EnRich Originals: You Me Maybe,” a 10-part digital series helmed and created by themselves. 

Enchong and Erich started with guest appearances on their vlog channels. Since they value their fans’ opinions, they would check out the comment box and consider random pitches. From taking on highly requested content like the “24-hour Jowa” Challenge, they brainstormed and thought of professionalizing the creative collaboration.

With a good story at hand, Enchong and Erich got the ball rolling. They hired a writer, cameraman, lights man, and so on. He serves as the producer while she acts as the director. The script was written by Noreen Capili who also wrote Katorse. Thus, we can expect to see the same youthful EnRich magic we loved through the years.

Surely, anyone can easily create online content nowadays. But what makes “EnRich Originals” different is the motive behind. Enchong said they wanted to leave a mark and uplift the viewers.

“Nakakatuwa kasi ‘yung vision talaga ni Erich na let’s think of something, a content that would bring people back to love. Kaya nag-end up din kami doon sa cute and light love story,” shared Enchong.

They play as Gian Carlo Santillan and Gianna Reyes. Details about these characters remain scarce. But you may dive deeper into their personalities by following their Instagram accounts that were set to ‘private’ for exclusivity. One brilliant element in the series is the gradual revelation of the characters’ psyche.

Based on the trailer, the story confronts audiences with intriguing questions about loving someone despite the circumstances and uncertainties – something timely and relatable. In his opinion, Enchong believes that being ready is a good first step in entering a relationship or wanting to settle down. But it shouldn’t stop there. Love needs effort.  

Since they’re taking multiple roles in this project, the exhaustion almost made them quit as early as on the second day of filming, especially Erich. They just found motivation from their growing number of subscribers. The goal was to accumulate even just 100,000 followers until the premiere. Surprisingly, they already exceeded 220,000 subscribers as of this writing. This makes them happy, grateful, and excited.

Cooking this project is both challenging and fulfilling. Nothing makes these artists happier than letting the creative juices out, especially in these anxiety-prone days. The first-hand experience in production broadened Erich and Enchong’s respect for the people working behind the scenes.

Also in the cast are their good friends Janella Salvador, Arjo Atayde, Alex Medina, and MJ Cayabyab. These people were only one message away. They all felt like a barkada doing a school project that requires more serious output. The collective effort reflects the values they learned from Star Magic and ABS-CBN.

“The reason why we call each other Kapamilya is because ‘pag kinailangan ng isa sa atin ‘yung isa, we’re there to help and I think, nakakatuwa na kahit paano naa-apply pa rin namin dito sa EnRich Originals kung anuman ‘yung mga values na natutunan namin sa ABS-CBN tsaka sa Star Magic.,” Enchong reflects on.

In the episodes, the viewers will get to see Enchong and Erich’s grip in filmmaking they learned over the past 15 years in the industry. And if the reception goes wilder than they expected, EnRich plans to produce more seasons. Plus, Enchong will get to experience Erich’s promised Siargao trip if the pilot episode reaches a million views.

“EnRich Originals: You. Me. Maybe” will premiere on Saturday, September 19 at 8 PM on Enchong and Erich’s joint channel.

While Enchong spends a lot of his quarantine days with Erich as they produce their own digital series “EnRich Originals: You Me Maybe,” he does not neglect his fitness regimen as part of the daily grind.

The actor-entrepreneur demonstrated easy cardio exercises for beginners. Enchong has been into indoor workouts for the past six months, so he uses available household resources.

One of the easiest yet heart-pumping moves is the “high knees.” This activates the core and strengthens the leg. It’s the best way to begin the routine. Stand with feet apart. Lift one knee as high as you can, then, swing the opposite arm forward and up. Do this alternately.

Enchong shared a simple trick to tone the abdominal muscles. Sit back on your legs as you kneel. Suck the lower abs in. Inhale and hold the breath for ten seconds. Do this five times. 

One of Enchong’s primary goals is to be able to lift his entire body in any form and in any way. He would recommend doing reverse wall push-ups. Do the basic plank position with feet close to the wall. Walk your feet up the wall. Adjust your angle to do some push-ups.  This builds the arms, core, and the back.

To end the interview, Enchong took on the one-minute compliment challenge. Within a minute, he’d think of as many words apt to describe Erich.

The first adjective to pop up in his mind is definitely beautiful. He thinks she’s sexy and charming, too. He also called her “bungisngis” and positive. 

Enchong revealed that Erich is hardworking, passionate, intelligent, and brilliant. He would admit that she’s more tech-savvy than him. She’s a good content provider. And as we all know, she’s talented, and a good actress.

Enchong added that Erich is patient and loving. Lastly, he thought of the word “Bisaya.”