Enchong dreams to work with Janine again

In his conversation with Hotspot host DJ Jhai Ho, Enchong Dee revealed that he actually has the full control of every content that he uploads on his YouTube channel, but it is his team who is in-charge of the technicalities. He then tackled the prevalent topic on his vlogs that is financial literacy or being a “budgetarian,” which for him everyone should learn and take into consideration, especially this pandemic.

“Ako, I always say, stay in your financial lane. Hindi ako keeping up with the Joneses,” the Huwag Kang Mangamba actor stated, when asked for his advice to the up-and-coming artists. He iterated how each one of us has different financial capabilities, so we should be wise in spending our hard earned money, as well as emphasized the value of doing sacrifices in order to earn and research for us to not be fooled by scammers.

Being in the industry for 15 years and having been paired with various actresses throughout his acting career, he expressed his enthusiasm to work with Marry Me, Marry You lead star Janine Gutierrez, to whom he had the opportunity to work with in the 2019 film “Elise,” this time in a teleserye. He described her as someone who has many facets, as she’s not only a great actress, but a stunning fashion model and impressive performer, too!

Watch this episode to see the fun and insightful conversation of DJ Jhai Ho with Enchong Dee!