Elmo Magalona’s neat collection of kicks - from sneakers to dress shoes

Elmo Magalona loves the industry he grew up in. So, whatever challenges and changes it undergoes, he’s more than ready to help and still give his best.


The “new normal” setup raised his respect for people working behind the scenes. Having experienced the lock-in taping for the recently concluded series, A Soldier’s Heart, Elmo was reminded that they, as actors, are just a small part of the village. He also realized that his problems are nothing compared to other people’s sufferings.


Elmo feels blessed to still have projects amid the pandemic and the crisis faced by the Kapamilya Network. At the same time, his heart bleeds for the retrenched employees. He now looks at them as motivation to keep going.


However, that wasn’t always the case. There was a time during the quarantine when Elmo felt stagnant until he realized how precious time is. And he learned to appreciate the gift of life and health.


The next year is fast approaching. And despite the crisis and uncertainties, Elmo will step out of 2020 with grateful hearts.


As a basketball enthusiast, it’s not surprising to know that Elmo has a vast sports shoe collection plus other styles that reflect his edgy yet spirited personality.


Elmo showed us his collection, starting with a pair of black shoes that have a sleek leather-like upper and rubber outsole. “I got them from my mom. She gave it to me as a gift once. I think, out of the country kami. I don’t know if birthday or congratulations lang, so she got me this, one of my favorites,” he said.


White shoes are a big part of his fashion taste. He has tons of them as workout and basketball footwear. One of his top picks is a white Nike LeBron pair he wore on the court for the Star Magic All-Star Games in 2019. “I got these actually from some of my fans. I felt more special during that time kasi sinuot ko yung shoes na ‘to,” shared Elmo.


The trendsetter also owns several pairs of formal footwear, and boots that he takes on to feel like an action star. Adding a bit of color to his collection, he got a pair of the iconic Adidas Superstars in blue. It was made more stylish by the letters ‘TOKYO’ embossed beneath the trademark three stripes.  “They’re special to me because nahanap ko sila in a thrift shop in Japan. Naging mini souvenir ko siya noong nag-Japan kami ng family ko.”


Elmo isn’t the type to pour money down the drain just to grow his collection. Most of his shoes are just gifts from family and friends.


Hindi ako magarbo when it comes to shoes, siguro ‘pag ginift lang sa akin. Pero ‘pag ako mismo, hindi ako bibili ng super mahal,” he explained. But the most expensive one would have to be the YSL boots – another present from his mom.


As a shoe lover, Elmo always opts for comfort and quality without sacrificing style.