Tongue Twister with DonBelle

DonBelle won’t let the rainy weather dampen your day!

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are here to spread kilig and good vibes anew as they play the ultimate Tongue Twister Challenge. They would take turns reciting the phrases and whoever gives the weakest performance will have to take on a dare.

The first round was fairly easy: “I like New York, unique New York, I like unique New York.” Belle started to slip up by the next round, which required them to say, “Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread.” Then she completely lost it on the third tongue twister: “A synonym for a cinnamon is a cinnamon synonym.” Meanwhile, the ever-so-perfect Donny did an amazing job.

As the losing player, Belle described Donny using the letters in his nickname ‘Dons.’ She called him delightful, optimistic, nice, and smart. Check out the fun game in the video!

After the success of their first movie “Love Is Color Blind,” the loveteam is working on their comeback flick set to premiere in November, “An Inconvenient Love,” which marks Star Cinema’s return to theaters since the pandemic.