Daniel Padilla, celebrity barkada share thoughts on being friends with an ex

In the second episode of Star Magic’s online program Face Off, the celebrity barkadahan of Daniel Padilla, Dominic Roque, Khalil Ramos, and Patrick Sugui, together with host Robi Domingo, dished on the common relationship issue – being friends with your ex. And their answers revealed how these boys behave in their relationships and, as well as towards their respective girlfriends.

According to Patrick, the possibility of still being friends with your ex lies on what the situation is. For instance, he said that there are cases in which a person had a good breakup with his previous partner, while in other cases, it’s the opposite. For him, it’s definitely fine especially on the first situation he stated, adding that some former flames were actually friends before they relationship got romantic, which unfortunately had to end, ergo, they choose to still be friends after the breakup. He reiterated that it really depends on the situation and even shared that he’s actually friends with some of the girls he dated.

Dominic agreed with Patrick, saying that it really depends whether it was a good or a bad breakup, as he also imparted being friends with some of his exes. Moreover, Dominic thought that it’s equally important to consider how your current partner feels about that matter since most of the girls would not want their partners to still be friends with their exes nor have any connection with their exes. But mind you, even though Dominic is the only one in the barkada who doesn’t have a partner, he’s definitely happy with how his life has been.

Next to answer was Daniel, who relentlessly gave his honest side comments about the matter while his friends were talking. And when it was his turn already, he immediately answered “First girlfriend ko si Kathryn [Bernardo] e,” and everyone made a gesture telling Daniel that it was a safe answer. But he explained later on what he thinks about it and first and expressed his agreement with his friends.

As for Daniel, he thinks everyone probably would not ask for a bad breakup. However, while some of us may want to keep the friendship with our ex, it may just be reasonably hard because you once had an intimate relationship with that person. For instance, Daniel shared that his mother Karla Estrada still manages to keep her friendship with her exes, but that’s another case since his mom has children with them.

While the King of Hearts personally thinks that being friends with a former flame is just fine, he’s not apparently okay if it’s going to be his girlfriend who’ll be in that situation. For him, it’s already enough that they had the chance to be together for a long time and the fact that they chose to end their relationship means it already ends there. He may have said it in a funny way, but Daniel meant it when he stressed they can be friends “spiritually” but not “physically.”

DJ even acted out how his conversation with Kathryn can be like regarding the issue. If Daniel will ask, “Okay lang ba sa’yo?” and Kathryn will answer, “Hindi”, then it’s going to be the end of the conversion according to Daniel, to which host Robi agreed for he now knows “sino ang batas.”

Lastly, Khalil had his thoughts explained thoroughly. He admitted that he personally chose to just be acquaintances with his ex-girlfriends because he wants no complications and maybe it was their mutual decision to not maintain the friendship anymore. The Make It With You star added that in some situations where one’s ex still wants to keep the friendship, there’s a chance he or she still has hopes of getting the relationship fixed. And one more thing, Khalil said that it just really comes with maturity.

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