Daniel Padilla answers the most random questions from the Wrecking Bowl

Interviews are usually all about gaining information to get to know your favorite celebrities more. The Wrecking Bowl, however, has other goals. This one is all about being witty and just having fun. So, how will Daniel Padilla react?

When asked “’Yung pantalon ba pwede rin ipanglakad?”, he said that “pantalon” is not literal. So, you can definitely wear them while walking too. But Kathryn Bernardo, who was standing just outside the frame of this video, explained “Dapat ‘yung answer mo random din.” In the next question, “Bakit mahalaga ang importante?”, he knew exactly how to respond. “Siyempre, malakas ‘yung strong,” he stated with a laugh.

Kung ang globo nawalan ng support sa ilalim, lilipad ba ang mundo?” This question was from Pamilya Ko star JM de Guzman which did not surprise Daniel. “Naku, si JM de Guzman, malabo talaga ‘to,” he joked. To answer, yes, Earth will most likely end up flying off without the stand that is holding it in place.

Bakit ang guard walang bantay?” The Got to Believe actor could only laugh at this question but his leading lady knew why. “They have a dog.” she explained. Although, Daniel was not confident in her. “Ewan ko kung saan nakita ni Kathryn ‘yung guard na may dog,” he teased.

Ang paksiw na bangus ba ‘pag napanis, maasim?” He thinks it be even more sour which is a good thing for him because he loves sour food. “I prefer ‘yung panis na bangus,” he joked.

Paano mo sasagutin ‘to?” Daniel wondered. Actually, Kathryn Bernardo has taken on the Wrecking Bowl as well in a separate video. Her answers were equally hilarious! So, make sure to check out that exclusive.

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