Charlie Dizon shares life hacks learned from Charo Santos, Dimples Romana

From giving us a tour around her walk-in closet and bedroom, as well as letting us get to know her more in her first two vlogs, Charlie Dizon let her followers decide what she does for a day in this week's entry. 

She commenced the vlog by sharing her morning routine. Apparently, that day started early for her as it was only around six in the morning when she filmed the vlog.

While waiting for the responses of her followers to the question she posted on her Instagram story regarding their suggestions on what they would want her to do for a day, she imparted the life tip she got from Viral Scandal co-star Dimples Romana. According to her, starting the day by fixing your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning could help you organize your day and have a positive disposition.

She then began taking on her followers' requests, starting off with drinking coffee, doing a Tiktok challenge, and eating breakfast.

As she was eating breakfast, she remembered the tip shared by ABS-CBN executive Charo Santos-Concio in one of their workshops about observing proper posture. She also divulged how impossible it is for her to function during shoots without coffee, except if she’s going to have a crying scene as the palpitation brought by coffee makes it hard for her to do it. Thus, she only consumes half a cup of coffee to perk herself up.

One of her followers then asked her to meditate, which is actually something she usually does every time a cycle of their lock-in taping ends in order to reset or refocus herself.

According to her, it was her acting coach for "Fan Girl" and Viral Scandal and co-actress Maxene Magalona who advised and influenced her to do it.

As one jestingly challenged her to “shot puno!,” she enthusiastically accepted it by grabbing a bottle of soju with iced tea as her chaser. 

She then sashayed a winter-themed OOTD to grant one follower's request for. She wore the plaid winter jacket given to her by Sue Ramirez that she wasn't able to bring during her trip to the United States last March.

For her merienda, her followers gave her a list of food choices, but she went for the instant pancit canton.

Charlie then posted a poll if whether she should stay inside or go out, and it was the latter that garnered the higher percentage of votes. So she drove off and headed to the nearest fast-food chain to order desserts via drive thru.

Their dogs Riri and Pares welcomed them as soon as she and her team arrived home.

Watch how Charlie enthusiastically took on her followers' requests in vlog!