Charlie Dizon, Jake Ejercito pour their hearts (and drinks!) out in this fun vlog

His character Seb Estrella in the well-loved series A Family Affair may be both admired and hated, but a lot of people truly adore actor Jake Ejercito because of his wisdom and honesty, which we’re able to see anew in his guesting in Charlie Dizon’s latest vlog.

The Kapamilya actress commenced the video by teasing that someone would suffer because of her curiosity as they’re going to take on the “Shot or Spill Challenge,” in which they had to take a shot of their chosen liquor in every question that they would refuse to answer.

Just on the first question, both of them took a swig as they declined to reveal if they’ve ever broken the law and their reason for doing it. For their biggest pet peeve, Jake said “Filipino time” and pulling tissue from the bottom instead of above for him, while for Charlie, it’s the people who are wicked in general or purveyors of bad energy.

When asked about their worst date, his was when he took his date to the cinema instead of a restaurant or a coffee shop, which made it impossible for him to know her because they didn’t have the chance to talk. Instead of moping about it, he simply took it as a lesson since it was just his first time. She, on the other hand, refused to answer and took a shot.

Meanwhile, for his best date, the 32-year-old actor reminisced about that one instance when he went back here in the Philippines just for two days to surprise his then-girlfriend while he was still studying abroad. Charlie, on the other hand, kept her answer short by simply saying that it happened at a beach.

With regards to the last thing they Googled, he bared that it’s a certain mall for he’s planning to watch a movie, while she searched for something about manifesting that her Viral Scandal co-star Dimples Romana imparted to her. Meanwhile, the last account Charlie searched on Instagram was Mega Magazine, while it’s Hashtag Nikko Natividad for Jake.

For the most adventurous thing he has ever done, it would be skydiving and trying out the tallest bungee jump in the world. She, meanwhile, jestingly reiterated her beach trip that doubles as her best date since she seemingly did it without her parents consent and rode a boat, which made her truly nervous.

When quizzed about her first-ever real celebrity crush, he mentioned celebrity host-influencer and lifestyle vlogger Nicole Andersson, while it’s Rico Yan and John Lloyd Cruz for her.

As they reached the question “when was the last time you lied and what was it?,” he initially answered that he never lied. He took it back, however, and took a shot. Charlie, who was then already tipsy, also did the same. They also both took a swig when asked about their darkest fantasy.

With regards to “dirty talks,” both of them don’t enjoy those. She then told the viewers to just watch one of her previous vlogs to find out her greatest turn-ons, while Jake disclosed that it’s having long conversations for him. While she never sent any lewd text message before, he shyly confessed that he did. She also didn’t get into a “friends with benefits” situation before, while he already experienced it.

Both of them found it ridiculous to respond to “what’s something you’re glad your family doesn’t know about you?”, so he didn’t answer and just took a shot, while Charlie admitted that she never tells her family whenever she’s having a hard time. When it comes to cheating on someone, she proudly said “no,” while he stated “unfortunately, yes”, but he was still in high school then.

The same went for “what’s a secret you’ve never told anyone,” so they just laugh it off, clinked their shot glasses, and had a swig. On what’s the “relationship deal-breaker” for them, it’s cheating for him while when it becomes abusive for her. With regards to what makes a relationship toxic, it’s lack of proper communication for him because he highly values honesty and openness, to which she agreed. 

For the worst mistake they’ve ever made in life, Charlie related that she firmly believes that there’s no mistakes in life, only lessons, and that you were in a certain situation for a reason. Meanwhile for Jake, it’s prioritizing his romantic relationship more than his studies and family, which made Charlie jestingly annoyed.

When it comes to most people’s misconceptions about them, she revealed that many thinks that she’s tall, while he disclosed that he’s often assumed to be “conyo” and “suplado” because of his and his family’s status in the society.

They then both agreed on never re-gifting a present because they didn’t like it as they chose to keep those instead, as well as on wishing to be able to fight back other people if there were no consequences. Coming from an affluent showbiz and political clan, Jake restrained himself from engaging in any fisticuff nor confrontation ever since he was young in order to protect their surname and reputation. Meanwhile, as a public personality, Charlie reminds herself to have patience at all times, even towards bashers.

The vlog ended with the two of them having a “cheers” and with Charlie thanking Jake for accepting her invitation to appear on her vlog, for hosting them at their family restaurant, and being up for the challenge.

Watch this video to see for yourself how Charlie and Jake enthusiastically took on the fun and thrilling “Shot oSpill Challenge”!