Charlie Dizon enumerates major turn-ons in future beau

We all know her as an award-winning actress whose portrayals in both TV and film were all compelling and a talented dancer as seen in her fiery performances in ASAP Natin ‘To. And just recently, Charlie Dizon has also begun her vlogging journey by launching her YouTube channel! 

And for the inaugural episode of her channel dubbed “Curious Charlie,” she let us get to know her more by answering questions about her while giving us a tour around her walk-in closet. The vlog commenced by showing her struggle on how to welcome the viewers since it’s her first time to do so. She revealed that she’d been planning to have her own channel, but she only mustered the courage to finally do it at present. 

Just like other celebrities, Charlie also only uses a screenname because her biological name is actually April Rose Dizon Matienzo. An Aries baby who’s fond of astrology, she believes that she possesses its two types – the cheerful and the aggressive. 

She has a few best friends, which includes her bestie since high school Camille; her A Soldier’s Heart co-actress Sue Ramirez; her Viral Scandal co-star Dimples Romana; and her three on-screen siblings in the 2020 film “Four Sisters Before The Wedding” Gillian Vicencio, Alexa Ilacad, and Belle Mariano. 

With regards to her relationship status, the 26-year-old actress enthused that she’s “single and proud”. According to her, she’s still savoring singlehood since she’s been really busy with work and she enjoys going out with friends as a single person. 

She then showed the shelf of her favorite shoes adjacent to her full body mirror and the couch where she and her visitors love to lounge. She also disclosed her plan of displaying the posters of the movies she did on the bare wall going to her walk-in closet. 

And speaking of movies, she found it hard to give a specific title when asked about her favorite movie. So, she simply imparted how she loves watching thriller and romantic comedy, or any feel good and horror flicks. She’s also fond of Star Cinema family and romance film, such as those topbilled by Sarah Geronimo and her ultimate celebrity crush John Lloyd Cruz, who she’s been dreaming of to work with someday.  

Meanwhile, her favorite song at the moment is “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub, which gave her last song syndrome (LSS) after Gillian recommended it to her. Her all-time favorite food is giniling, specifically tortang giniling and menudillo, which makes her feel special whenever her Mommy Nida cooks it because she knows how much she loves it. However, her go-to are Korean foods, particularly kimchi jjigae, and confessed that she couldn’t live without rice. 

When it comes to the three things that she likes, these would be makeup since lip tint and eyebrows are important to her; her car since she loves to drive and go places; and her room since she spends most of her time there whenever she’s not working. On the other hand, the three things that upset her are disrespect, if she can’t figure out what she wants to do, and she’s being controlled. 

Charlie then went to show the racks of the other pairs of shoes included in her collection, admitting that she has this habit of giving herself a lot of options, so she buys at least two pairs of a certain style of footwear. While doing so satisfies her, it’s also her dilemma at the same time since it gives her a hard time choosing. 

She also doesn’t have any tattoo. Nonetheless, she related that she, Gillian, Alexa, and Belle were actually planning to have themselves inked with any design that symbolizes the bond they’ve formed in “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” but that apparently has not happened yet. Though, she used to have three piercings but the other one already got closed since it’s not allowed in some of her stints. 

With regards to her turn-ons, she enumerated “mabait, malambing, sobrang gentleman, prangkamasaya kasamamagaling makipag-usap, very respectful, family-oriented, and takot gumawa ng kasalanan. Even though it frightens her, she’s still hoping to meet her match. 

As she showed her bag collection and racks of clothes, she disclosed that it’s actually her who designed the shelves. She may not be good in drawing, but she’s grateful that the carpenter who created it and her personal assistant who oversaw the construction was still able to accurately figure out what she likes. She also exhibited her favorite coordinates that she loves to wear and the blouse she donned when she had her first-ever meeting with Charo Santos-Concio to talk about her screenname.  

Charlie capped off the first part of her walk-in closet tour by presenting the bean bag that her followers probably saw in the photos of her reunion with Gillian, Alexa, and Belle that she posted on Instagram last May. 

Watch this video to know more about Charlie and to also have a peek of her walk-in closet!