Buddies Daniel, Patrick, Khalil, Dominic share insights on bullying, being friends with exes and more on Star Magic Face Off

Since the pilot of new online program Star Magic Presents: Face Off, host Robi Domingo had engaged hottest Kapamilya love teams in lively yet enamoring discussions on topics that matter to them.

In this episode, Robi guested four Star Magic heartthrobs whose friendship is considered one of the most solid in the industry—Daniel Padilla, Patrick Sugui, Khalil Ramos, and Dominic Roque. They had insightful and interesting discussions about relevant issues and concerns. Each of them shared their sentiments about every topic that they thought could also enlighten viewers.

The first issue Robi tackled was the right age for someone to have an account for social networking sites. Khalil related his answer to his own experience when he first had accounts in social media sites, especially Facebook. He agreed that 13 years old should be the right age to have a social media account. In his personal experience, Khalil said, he already knew what was right from wrong when reached 13. By that time, he also started becoming aware that not everything on social media is safe. However, he thought there should be stricter protocols on the sign up process for social media sites, especially when it comes to the real age of the person who creates an account.

Dominic and Patrick meanwhile agreed that 13 should be a good age for young people to start exploring the world of social media, however they emphasized that one important consideration is the parental provision and guidance as they believe that social media is really a powerful tool that can influence especially young people. Lastly, Daniel said that what’s important for him is that the person is already mindful of what is right and what is wrong. He added that social media is not always a fun place to be in. There are times that it can be dangerous and unhealthy for users.

These dashing young men then shared their insights about bullying in school. Robi asked them if they think that there can really be an end to bullying or it will just naturally happen to any generation. Khalil shared that he was a victim of bullying when he was younger and he would become a bully himself after.  This was because of his repressed feelings that made him the same type of person he hated before. Bullying, he said, is difficult to stop since there will be always misguided children around, but schools should take steps to avoid it by implementing serious guidance counseling programs.

On the other hand, Daniel suggested that parents must take a major role in making sure that their children are enjoying a healthy environment in school. He stressed that parents should always check on their kids - whether it’s about their experiences in school or the people they’re surrounded with on campus. For Patrick, it is nearly impossible for bullying to stop. What can be done according to him is for children to be taught how to stand up for themselves when they feel they’re being bullied. Lastly, Dominic echoed what his friends said and added that parents should have the responsibility of teaching their kids to treat their schoolmates right.

Continue watching the video to know more about the thoughts of this barkada about how to stand up for yourself in a positive way, and to find out if it’s okay with them to be friends with an ex!