Brent Promposes to Vivoree Again 2024

Brent Manalo proved yet again to Vivoree that he is a real-life swoon-worthy, green-flag leading man through his consistently genuine promposals. For the second time, he asked her to be his date to the Star Magical Prom – watch what happened in the video.

Vivoree was convinced she had to be filmed by Star Magic for her live video game stream at home. The clip then showed Brent DIY-ing a signboard with fairy lights spelling out the phrase, “Prom again?” While on the way to Vivoree’s house, he expressed feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement.

He was met by Vivoree’s brother, who helped in planning the surprise. While waiting for the right moment, Brent joined Vivoree’s livestream and left a comment.

To Vivoree’s surprise, while she was intensely focused on her gaming session, Brent entered the house, carrying the signboard, flowers, and balloons. It took a moment before either of them spoke as both were feeling shy. Vivoree, especially, was too stunned to speak. “Wait lang! Hindi ako ready! Buti na lang naligo ako,” was her initial reaction before she managed to compose herself.

Exuding his boy-next-door charm without even trying, Brent bashfully faced Vivoree and said, “I really had fun nu’ng first prom. Sinabi ko naman ‘yun sa message ko sa’yo that night ‘di ba? So, it would be an honor if you’re gonna be my prom date again.” After making Brent nervous for a second, Vivoree accepted the promposal.

At the end of the video, she shared that she appreciates Brent more for bringing the surprise promposal to her own home, where she feels most vulnerable. Asking a girl to be your date in her own house, knowing it would be witnessed by her family, speaks volumes of sincerity and respect, right?

ViBrent will certainly have fun together at the Star Magical Prom on March 14!