Belle Mariano shares what’s in her phone

As she’s set to delight and astound us with her upcoming concert entitled “Daylight”, “Love Is Color Blind” star Belle Mariano graced the latest episode of PUSH Bets Live not only promote, but to also talk about a bit of her life in and out of showbiz and play the “What’s In Your Phone” Challenge!

This interview serves as her return to the online show three years after her last appearance, when she was still being launched as one of the Star Magic Circle 2019, in which Anthony Jennings, Gillian Vicencio, Arielle Roces, JC Alcantara, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Kyle Echarri are also part of.

With all the projects pouring into her at present, Belle shared that enjoying and being passionate with everything she’s doing enables her still have a work-life balance. And just like many of us, she usually spends her leisure time or downtime reading books, painting, watching Korean series, and being a plantita.

When asked how her friendship with loveteam partner Donny Pangilinan had been, she imparted that it used to be initially awkward, but she’s eventually gotten comfortable to be herself and be vulnerable in front of him. She also admires it how both of them has certain dynamics when it comes to doing their scenes together, as well as how they support one another on the set and in their respective endeavors.

The 19-year-old actress-singer then went on to recall how in disbelief she was when she received the news from people close to her that her face was flashed on the LED billboard of music streaming platform Spotify located at Times Square in New York City. Thus, she’s grateful for those who’ve been streaming her debut album “Daylight” – which is also the title of her much-awaited first-ever concert that will be held this January 29, Saturday, and can be livestreamed via KTX.

Describing it as “light, something intimate, and something that everyone can relate to,” Belle said that her concert would set as a reminder that “despite all the rains in our life, we always seek for the daylight after them”. Joining her are Kyle Echarri, Jayda, SAB, Ben&Ben, Trisha Denise, and, of course, Donny Pangilinan.

“I was just a little girl dreaming to have everything, to do everything that’s happening right now in my life and you’re such a big part of my journey, so, maraming maraming salamat. Wala ako rito sa posisyon ko kung wala kayo. And I dedicate this to you, guys, my “Daylight” concert. This is my way of thanking you. Maraming, maraming salamat,” she expressed when asked for her message to her fans.

Moving on to the “What’s In Your Phone Challenge,” Belle nervously yet willingly shared stuff from her phone that corresponded to what the host was asking for.

For the last text message she received, she showed her inbox indicating that it was an automated text from a mobile wallet app. Meanwhile, her phone call logs revealed that they the last people she called were her mother and aunt. The last thing she Googled was the meaning of “gaslight” after hearing it in one of the TED talks she watched, while her most used emoji was the grinning face with tightly closed eyes.

Her home screen photo maybe a default one, but the last photo in her gallery was a mirror selfie of her. On the other hand, the last song she played was “Telepathy’ by BTS, while her last purchase online were light and mirror that she bought from furniture store.

Stay tuned to PUSH Bets Live and see who are the next celebrities who are going to take on the fun questions and challenges!