Belle Mariano on her journey from being a ‘bulilit’: “I can really see how I’ve grown”

Ready to watch Belle cringe and react adorably? Check out her recent vlog where she reacts to her old videos during her “bulilit” days. Funnily enough, she’s never even seen these videos before and is reacting to them for the very first time.

If you simply know Belle as the cool Maxpein on the trending teen drama He’s Into Her,” she actually started her career in showbiz much earlier as a child actress. After being a commercial model for a short time, she tried out in the acting scene and started landing minor roles on television. Eventually, she became a regular cast member of the youth-oriented sketch comedy show, “Goin’ Bulilit.

Belle’s bulilit days are close to her heart. But as she was watching some of her clips, she couldn’t help but laugh and wonder, “Ba’t ko ‘to ginawa no’ng bata ako?!

The first two clips were of a pageant sketch and she was a contestant. Even as a young girl, Belle’s natural beauty and bubbly personality already radiate. Belle also couldn’t help but comment on how much she looks like Daniela, her younger sister.

As young Belle on-screen answered a question with grace and hifalutin words, the current Belle was amazed at how she could have memorized such lines before. And when another clip of her doing the “tsunami walk” on the catwalk flashed, Belle was blushing with embarrassment.

The next clip showed her on the show’s “Singing Bee” segment. In an instant, Belle already had an idea that this was going to show the time she cracked while singing “Almost Is Never Enough”. It’s a memory she can’t personally forget, but found it funny now watching it again.

Belle also watched her acting scenes in old teleseryes. She was especially amused by her acting in Princess and I  because she was being a “maldita” or sassy girl in the scene — something very far from the type of roles she takes on these days.

A clip from her “Goin’ Bulilit” graduation video was included in the set. This touched Belle a lot because the show was a big part of her life. She could remember the exact moment she was asked how she feels that she is graduating and leaving the the kiddle show, “Nerbyos at takot kasi mami-miss ko silang lahat,” was her answer.

To end the throwback on a bright note, Belle was shown her cringe-worthy and jaw-dropping performance of “Bang Bang” on Goin’ Bulilit.” She definitely went all-out imitating the three main singers Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj with backup dancers and a decorated set.

Nacri-cringe na lang ako, pero I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed my childhood,” Belle said, as she’s happy to see that she is more confident now and making the dreams she used to have come true. “I can really see how I’ve grown,” she added.

Watch the whole video on Belle’s YouTube channel to see her entertaining bulilit days for yourself.