Belle Mariano celebrates 20th birthday with beloved fans

More than a month after turning 20 last June 10, He’s Into Her lead actress Belle Mariano gave us a glimpse of what went down during her special birthday celebration with her beloved fans in her latest vlog that she uploaded last July 30.

It was organized by her fan clubs and was held last June 3 at an undisclosed events place, a week prior to her birthday since her lock-in taping for a new project would start anytime soon that time.

The gorgeous birthday celebrator, who was absolutely blooming in purple coordinates, was welcomed with joyous cheers by her fans cladded in white attires as she descended the staircase going to the main hall. They also sang one of Belle’s song titled “Rise” in unison, and then belted out the “Happy Birthday” song as she blew the candle of her cake.

One of the attendees emotively delivered an original spoken poetry piece while the montage of her teleserye portrayals through the years were flashed on the projector screen. Those were apparently enough to touch the heart of Belle and make her teary-eyed.

And true enough, the Kapamilya star wasn’t able to hold back her emotions as she delivered her message of appreciation to everyone. She may not be able to celebrate her 18th birthday because of the pandemic, but it’s okay with her because she got to share her 20th with her beloved Bellievers, Bubblies, and DonBelle fans, whose undying love and support for her has helped her get to where she is at present. Thus, there’s nothing more that she could ask for. Of course, she didn’t forget to express how much she loves all of them.

She also intently listened to the birthday messages from the representatives of each fan clubs and happily took pictures with them. Her He’s Into Her co-star Gello Marquez, who plays the role of the jokester Lorde, arrived at the party, too, as the special guest.

Belle then revealed her birthday wish, which is for her to be able to see them more often and how she looks forward on seeing everyone in that room to rise as well.

The vlog capped off with her expressing how thankful she was to her supporters because of this truly fun and memorable event. “It was such an experience, something that I’m gonna keep forever. Thank you so much sa lahat ng bumuo nito, sa Bellievers, sa Bubblies. Maraming-maraming salamat!”