Bola-Bola stars on set Francine Diaz

You could really see the bond shared by the young “Bola-Bola” cast members in this behind-the-scenes video uploaded by lead star Francine Diaz on her YouTube channel.

Francine’s latest vlog gave fans exclusive access to the bubble taping of upcoming iWantTFC series “Bola-Bola” which she topbills alongside KD Estrada, Ashton Salvador, and BGYO’s Akira Morishita.

The first minutes of the video show Francine and her mom organizing her things in her room. The lock-in base reminds us of camping in the woods, with the trees, dark-wood interior, and the fog. Baguio feels, as Francine described it.

She took us on a quick room tour, showing her skincare products (mostly gifts from her previous birthday celebration), waffle maker, makeup nook, and other favorite things including her notebook, tumbler, speaker, and a scented candle.

She discovered a door adjoining her room and that of Akira and KD. Playful Francine came up with an idea, “Mumultuhin ko ‘yan sa gabi.”But she’d probably feel more scared than her ‘victims,’ “Sana hindi nakakatakot dito ‘pag gabi.”

We also got a sneak peek into their look test and scenes, as well as Francine’s preparation as the chubby Thea. She said more of the prosthetics and fast suit procedure will be shown in her next vlog.

Day 2 came and Francine was finally able to carry out her prank. She knocked on the door adjacent to KD and Akira’s room, and the latter had a funny reaction. She also dropped by Analain Salvador’s room to greet her good morning. On that day, Francine and Akira had the same service, and as expected, they kept on poking fun at each other. She laughed at him for getting lost on the way to the hotel last night.

The next portion revealed more cast members including Arlene Muhlach, Vance Larena, and Danica Ontengco. Day 3 ended at 6:14am so the kids planned to enjoy the fog and sunrise but they were immediately called by the service.

And instead of catching up on sleep, the bunch gathered in one room to bond. Well we know what happens when KD picks up his guitar – jamming time! Our girl Francine unleashed her inner songstress. The boys were then called by the staff. So the girls were left in the room listening and singing along to their ‘kilig’ playlist, as if sharing ‘hugots’ that weren’t caught on cam.

“Sobrang masaya ako sa lock-in na ‘to. Sobrang gaan lang,” Francine said before closing the vlog. And yes, we saw how much she’s having fun! 

Watch out for the ‘kilig’ series “Bola-Bola” on iWantTFC soon!