Behind-The-Scenes: Aljon talks to Jessa, Vice before his live ‘promposal’ to Jayda

Kapamilya young heartthrobs are getting creative and extra sweet on the road to the much-anticipated Star Magical Prom. These guys make sure to bring their favorite girl as their date to the ball – setting up epic surprises in pursuit of their sweet ‘yes.’

Aljon Mendoza even did it on live television when he ‘promposed’ to his “Teen Clash” leading lady Jayda during their guesting on It’s Showtime. While some of you may have watched the episode’s live airing, we’re pretty sure you want full backstage access to that special moment. So, here it is!

“I’m great,” Jayda smiled at the beginning of the clip uploaded by Star Magic when asked how she was feeling, oblivious to something even greater that was bound to happen that day. “I’m getting my hair done and I’m about to get my makeup done when this guy is done,” she said, pointing to Aljon. Their banter is the kind of conversation you wish you’d have with your crush – with holding hands pa!

Going back to the video, we see Aljon sneaking out to prepare for his promposal. “Ngayon nasa Star Cinema office tayo and nandito na ‘yung binili kong bear and flowers for Jayda later,” he talked to the camera. “Nagpaalam kami sa Showtime at kay Ate Vice.” So, it turns out Vice Ganda was an accomplice.

We also found out that he asked for the ‘blessing’ of Jayda’s parents. In the video, we hear snippets of his phone conversation with Jayda’s mom Jessa Zaragoza. “Tita, may ipapaalam lang po ako. Pwede po ba akong mag-prompose kay Jayda sa Showtime mamaya?” Jessa replied, “Oo naman! No problem.” He danced in the air after the conversation, “Siyempre masaya ako na nag-yes si Ms. Jessa and kita n’yo naman, narinig n’yo naman, ang nice niya makipag-usap.”

He then approached Vice Ganda to ask for help. “No’ng nasa backstage pa lang kami kinakabahan na talaga ako, eh,” he recalled.

It’s showtime! With a little nudge from Vice and director Gino Santos, the spotlight was put on Aljon and Jayda. Questions about their real score were asked, with Aljon clearing up that they are taking things slow, but he didn’t deny having a crush on Jayda. He almost freaked out when Ogie Alcasid, Jayda’s ‘ninong’ or godfather butted in, “Mag-ingat ka. Inaanak ko ‘yan ah!” LOL!

Vice then mentioned the Star Magical Prom, which was Aljon’s cue to get the stuffed toy and flowers he prepared beforehand and ask Jayda the most ‘kilig’ question, “Jayda, sabi mo hindi ka pa nagkaka-escort talaga. So, gusto ko sanang ako ‘yung maging first escort mo at date. Gusto ko lang tanungin sa’yo, will you be my prom date?” Kilig echoed around the studio until Jayda answered “yes” while they lock eyes. Our AlJay hearts can’t contain the feels!

“Guys, successful ‘yung promposal natin, thanks to Ate Vice and sa Showtime,” Aljon said. “Ang bagal ko nga daw magsalita or mag-propose kasi ninamnam ko lang ‘yung moment. Ayokong mag-propose for the sake of makapag-propose lang. Gusto kong sabihin ‘yung message ko.”

“Nakaka-happy ‘yung reaction ng madlang people. So, ngayon happy na ako kahit hindi ako nanalo doon sa Isip Bata, may prom date na ako,” he smiled.

Jayda reacted, “Sobrang shocked ako. Hindi ko talaga in-expect, let alone not here. I mean, alam ko na may prom, basta hindi ako nag-e-expect. First time ever na may nag-prompose sa akin.” She never went to a typical campus promenade as she was home-schooled. But, now she knows what it feels like leading to the big night.

While Jayda was being interviewed, Aljon approached her and asked what she plans to name their ‘baby’ bear. “Hi, mommy,” he said in a tiny, adorable ‘teddy bear’ voice.  They baptized him as “Showy” since he is a Showtime baby!

Watch out for AlJay in the Star Magical Prom on March 30!