Barbie shuts down her bashers in the realest way

Barbie Imperial is no stranger to mean comments thrown her way, especially about her sexy uploads on social media and very controversial relationships. Despite the amount of hate she’s been receiving online, Barbie remains the authentic woman that she is. She even thought of a solid way to respond to her bashers – by reading their comments while enjoying seafood in her recent vlog.

In the video, Barbie reacts to the ugly things haters say about her. The Kapamilya actress said years in showbiz made her skin thick enough to handle the bashers. Besides, they can’t come up with anything new to scrutinize her for, apart from her sexy photos and love life.

One commenter blames Barbie for her edited nude images on the web, telling her, “Nagpabastos ka sa sarili mo. In the first place, di ka na [sana] nag-post… Babastusin ka ng mga lalaki.” On the surface, the comment seems written out of concern. However, nobody can dictate a woman’s choice of clothing. Barbie also pointed out that blaming women’s sexy attire for online harassment is a completely distorted argument.

A similar comment from a netizen advises Barbie and all ladies to stop uploading “almost nude” pictures. While Barbie refuses to live up to other people’s expectations, especially if it’s about her body.

“For me, this is my body and love ko ‘yung body ko, eh. Pinaghirapan ko ‘to sa gym, so parang ang sarap kasi sa feeling at nakaka-boost ng self-esteem ‘pag nakikita mo na okay ‘yung katawan mo, gusto mo ‘yung katawan mo,” she clapped back.

It seems netizens has had this tradition of dragging Barbie’s name in controversial showbiz breakups. She therefore clarified, “Hindi nga ako kabit, okay?” She was and never will be a third party. She denied rumors that she caused Carlo Aquino and Trina Candaza’s separation, “Kailan naghiwalay sina Carlo at Trina? Last year pa! Tapos nagka-movie kami ni Carlo this year lang pero ako na naman sinisisi n’yo?”

As expected, others have opinion about her breakup with Diego Loyzaga. A commenter says, “Pinagtatanggol mo pa jowa mo noon maghihiwalay din pala kayo,” to which she agrees. “Siguro worth it naman kasi minahal ko ‘yung tao, eh.”

She added, “‘Pag nagmahal ka ‘di ba, you’ll do everything to protect them… not only to my boyfriend but even to my family. ‘Pag tina-target talaga sila, ako talaga ‘yung bumu-buwelta. ‘Pag ako ‘yung tina-target ng mga tao, dedma. Mas nahe-hurt ako ‘pag loved ones ko ‘yung tinitira ng mga tao."

She also scrapped her rivalry with AJ Raval. They have reconciled and it was AJ who offered an olive branch.

Although meant to be a jab about her short-lived romance with Diego, some comments actually got Barbie’s support. After all, there’s no guilt or shame on her part since she tried her best to keep the relationship and it was her ex-boyfriend who initiated the breakup.

A netizen left this comment: “Ang kabataan ngayon, ang bilis talaga magsawa sa relasyon. Sadly, parang wala na talagang value ang relationship and commitment in today’s generation.” Barbie reacted, “In fairness, totoo. Siguro masasabi kong totoo kasi hindi naman ako ‘yung nagsawa. Ako ‘yung iniwan. Charot! I totally agree na ngayon, parang wala-wala na lang. Wala nang moving on stage.” She expressed her observation that people nowadays enter a new relationship without even grieving the previous breakup or giving the ex-partner time to heal.

Another hater argues, “‘Pag nag-break, wala ng siraan, respetuhan na lang.” Barbie seconded, “Parang mali ata ‘yung sinabihan mo. Minahal mo ‘yung tao, so dapat walang siraan.”

Barbie went on to share how she deals with nasty remarks. She gets affected at times. She’s human, after all. Fortunately, she developed a thicker skin and learned to be more attuned to her own self. That way, words will never hurt her.

Check out Barbie’s reaction to her bashers’ comments in the video!