Barbie Imperial Pinush Ko Di Ko Pinush

Would Barbie Imperial “push” or “not push” on certain tricky personal situations she encounters?
Push Bets Live puts the actress on the spot in this edition of the if she would really do or not do these things, as Barbie gives viewers a clear idea about her priorities and principles in life.

For the first situation, would Barbie think twice before posting anything on social media? Barbie answered that she would “push” for it. With netizens closely watching celebrities every move or remark on social media, she said, it would be best to really take extra care before posting anything online.
Barbie was also asked if she would keep boyfriend Diego Loyzaga on her phone’s wallpaper. Barbie said she actually pushed for it, even displaying who’s currently on her phone wallpaper- her couple photo with Diego as they take an intimate pose. 

Further, as she answered if she would prepare surprises during their monthsaries, Barbie said she would push for it even during a normal day. Barbie added that anytime she sees something beautiful, she would immediately give it to Diego.

She was also asked if she would block any co-artist on social media. Barbie said she would not push for it, saying she would rather just simply mute conversations with people than totally blocking them. Barbie also said he would not push pranking friends in the middle of the night or calling her mom for advice in the wee hours of the morning. 

Above all, Barbie also said she would push gatecrashing at a party, saying she would not force herself into any event or celebration she wasn’t invited. 

Click on this video to get more of Barbie’s revealing answers in this edition of “Pinush o Di Ko Pinush” Challenge.