Barbie Imperial’s empowering thoughts on self-confidence, overcoming fears and keeping a positive mind

As the first housemate to be evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house in 2015, Barbie Imperial started in the biz with a thin skin, too fragile to handle hate comments.

There was a time when Barbie would cry over criticisms, especially when she got evicted from Bahay Ni Kuya. She thought she doesn’t have a place in the showbiz industry. But as the ‘Doll along the Riles ng Albay’ thrives as an actress and a woman, she finally learned to build unbreakable self-confidence trash talks no longer affect her. “Ngayon ‘pag may basher ako, salamat kasi ang dami mong pwedeng gawin pero pinagkakaabalahan mo ako ngayon. Instead na mainis ako, naaawa na lang din ako sa kanila.”

While she’s become stronger over time, Barbie stressed that other people struggle to stand up for themselves and conquer their weaknesses. People have different levels of strength, after all. The best thing to do in trying to overcome insecurities, according to Barbie, is to know one’s inner truth. She said the deeper you know yourself, the easier to ignore others’ opinions of you. On top of that, happiness is a winning tool in turning a deaf ear to judgment. Although, paying a little heed to others’ perspective can be healthy at times.

To conquer your fears, Barbie urged you to embrace them. Do what you’re most afraid of but begin by taking baby steps, as the only way to discover your power and limits.

The Kapamilya beauty believes to entertain life’s ‘what ifs’ is just a waste of time. For Barbie, things would’ve happened if they were meant to; adding that overanalyzing the past can only lead to troubled mental health.

By the sounds of her pieces of advice, Barbie seems the perfect torchbearer of women oozing with confidence. She’s likewise lauded for her perfect figure often bared on social media. However, the actress clarified that she’s far from perfect. She can’t be that sexy 24/7. And this reminds us, if anything, that Barbie is still an ordinary girl who turns to workouts and diets in keeping her shape.

And just like most of us, she isn’t prone to feelings of anxieties during this pandemic. She simply fights them by doing household activities like cleaning and cooking. Yes, the lovely doll is trying to sharpen her kitchen skills. White Pasta and Bicol Express are her current specialties. If not in the kitchen, she usually hangs out in her or her mother’s room. The mestiza beauty is on Tiktok as well. Just check out her account for adorable dance videos! She refused to give a sample because “’yung pantaas ko pang-interview pero ‘yung pambaba ko pambahay.”

Barbie thinks there are a lot more ways to remain positive amidst the crisis but it takes serious effort sometimes. “Ang dami dami nang problema ng mundo, so inaayos ko ‘yung makakayang ayusin and hindi dapat sabay-sabay kasi parang mawawala ka talaga,” she said. Barbie further underscored the power of prayer. She might not receive instant answers but at least prayers make her feel better. 

She’s glad to have spent the quarantine days with her family, saying family time is better than love life. If the pandemic ends, the first thing she’d do is travel to her hometown in Legazpi, Albay to visit her relatives. If there’s one thing the pandemic taught her, it would have to be “takot pa rin pala talaga ako sa death.”