Barbie Imperial pranks call friends

As what the iconic cartoon character Winnie the Pooh said, “A friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen.” And Barbie Imperial is indeed #blessed to have a lot in her life who are always to help her out in times of trouble, as what we’ve witnessed in her newest vlog. 

The Kapamilya actress seemingly got drenched in curses as her friends got funnily annoyed after she pranked them by telling them that she left their home when her Mommy Bing suddenly confessed to her via text message that she’s actually just adopted. 

Her first victim was her good friend and former fellow GirlTrends member Chie Filomeno, to whom she seeks solace, especially during that time when she called it quits with her ex-boyfriend. Chie immediately fell on her trap and was eager to come to her rescue, only to find out that it was only a prank.

Next was Congressman-elect Sandro Marcos, who got initially speechless when she asked him if she could stay at their house for some time. But in the end, he told her that she could stay at their guest room. Thus, he laughingly got annoyed at her upon learning that it was all just a joke.

The 23-year-old actress then called her bestie Michelle Vito, who also quite believed what she told her, especially when she related that her mom already showed pictures of her true biological parents. Even though she already sensed that Barbie’s just bluffing as she laughed during their conversation, she still invited her to come over their house. Thus, Barbie jestingly called her, “napakasamang kaibigan!”

Their other bestie Ana Vicente, on the other hand, took it seriously as she’s even willing to take her in their house. Thus, she wasn’t able to hide how pissed off she was to Barbie upon finding out that it was only a prank since she was then holding one of her twin babies.

Tony Labrusca probably touched viewers when he expressed how willing he was to spare a portion of his busy day just to console her. But when she asked him if he could lend her Php 2 million, he apparently got shocked and already knew by then that she’s only pranking him.

She also contacted her non-showbiz bestie Joric Pecson, who initially assumed that she’s pregnant. She quickly nixed it by implying that it’s possible since she’s not in a relationship at present. She was also willing to postpone his plans that day just to accompany her for a drinking session, so he was really annoyed when she confessed that it’s all just a joke.

The last one she called was Carlo Aquino, who got confused while listening to her woes. The How To Move On In 30 Days leading man also reminded her that being adopted is something that she should not be ashamed about, which moved Barbie so much. 

She attempted to reach Love In 40 Days lead actress Loisa Andalio and basketball star Ricci Rivero as well, but both of them did not answer.

Barbie capped off her vlog with a disclaimer, uttering that she didn’t mean to offend anyone and she only chose to prank her friends that way since they’ve teasing her that she could be adopted because she doesn’t look like her mom nor her brother.

Watch this vlog to see for yourselves the fun happenings in Barbie’s hilarious and adorable prank with her friends.