Barbie Imperial gauged what’s ‘sobra, sakto, kulang’ in a relationship

Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial is always excellent at giving the right words of advice about love. 

In this game on Kapamilya Chat, Barbie was given different relationship scenarios which she gauged as “sobra,” “kulang,” or “sakto lang.” She also shared some words of wisdom.

First case: What if you’re the only one making an effort to surprise your partner? Barbie loves to make the sweetest surprises but it doesn’t mean she expects the same big gestures in return. It’s not something to make her upset.

She answered “kulang” about a guy asking a girl to change the way she dresses. It depends on the guy’s intention. Barbie explained, “Minsan kasi ‘yung mga boyfriends protective lang din naman sila, so depende kung anong binabawal na suotin.”

In the third scenario about relationship restrictions, she thought it’d fine if a partner won’t let you do some things, but not to the point of taking over the other person’s life.  “Siyempre kailangan mong gawin ‘yung hindi magba-bother doon sa partner mo pero not to the point na kahit alam mong wala kang ginagawa, hindi mo na gagawin kasi pananakal na ‘yun,” she said.

Next, on a partner who always forgets anniversaries and special dates, Barbie exclaimed, “sobra naman ‘yun!” She said she’d be hurt if the guy forgets their special days.

On level of clinginess, Barbie thought “sakto lang” would be better. She’s admittedly clingy but not in public.

Check out this video for a fun ‘love talk’ with Barbie.