Barbie answers savage questions, reveals spicy secrets in latest vlog

Being a former housemate on Pinoy Big Brother, Barbie Imperial is not afraid to bare her true personality to her fans. Up until today, she is an open book, unafraid of sharing her opinions and thoughts with the world.

In her latest vlog, we got to know her a lot more with an exciting Q&A challenge, where she answered the most savage questions about herself.

Many leave comments on Barbie’s sexy Instagram posts if she has ever had plastic surgery and so this question was at the top of the list. While Barbie admires and respects others that have plastic surgery done for their own happiness, she says that she has never had anything done. She’s perfectly fine with the imperfections that people point out constantly to her.

After playing Kiera, “The Other Girl” on The Goodbye Girl,many wonder about the heartbreaks Barbie has been through to portray such gripping emotions. In the video, she was asked who among her ex-boyfriends hurt her the most. To this, she answered Diego Loyzaga, her last relationship.

Barbie clarified that she was never hurt physically; it’s just that the break up took a toll on her heart the most. “Siya ‘yung boyfriend na alam niya lahat about me. Siya ‘yung akala mo na kayo na talaga. May mga conversations na about getting married, saan titira, mga plans namin sa buhay… So ‘yun siguro reason bakit ang sakit para sa akin. Pinlano ko buhay ko with him tapos biglang nawala,” she said.

On to more juicy questions, Barbie revealed that she has never had a “friend with benefits.” For her, it’s a rule to not fall in love with her guy friends – Diego being the last exception.

“Sayang kasi ‘yung relationship ‘pag nadapuan ng more than friends. ‘Di mo na mababalik ‘yung same na pagtingin mo sa friend mo na lalaki,” she advised.

If she were given the chance, would Barbie go back to any of her exes? Barbie contemplated this question and confidently said no. She believes that there’s no point in reliving something that didn’t work out, especially when the man has moved on to another girl.

When it comes to friendships, Barbie is also an honest woman. After being asked if she has even been “plastic” to a friend or pretending to like them when she doesn’t, Barbie said she couldn’t stomach doing that kind of thing. As long as she’s not ruining the person’s reputation or hurting them intentionally, she likes to be real about her feelings.

Because of this attitude of hers, Barbie has never even blocked a fellow artist or influencer on social media. She also has never blocked bashers or deleted their comments, no matter how hurtful. She just considers them as constructive criticism that she can use to improve herself. They make her realize her flaws as a person and what she needs to correct in order to be a better person.

Barbie divulges more spicy secrets and shocking revelations in her vlog. Wondering if she’s ever cheated in a relationship? The biggest secret she’s kept from her mom? Find out all of those and more by watching Barbie’s vlog!