Bag Raid: You will admire Francine Diaz for being super organized at 18

Ladies, organizing the things in your bag leads to maximum productivity – this is what we learned from Francine Diaz as she reveals what’s inside her bag in the latest vlog of TV personality Darla Sauler.

Francine keeps her bag ‘kalat’-free by using separate pouches. It can be a time-saver since you don’t need to be digging inside your bag just to look for one item. The bag, which she bought for only 800 pesos, has two sections, the first one she uses to keep her “emergency” items including a big bottle of perfume she got as a birthday gift.

In the same compartment are three cell phones – one for her personal use like social media and games while the other two are for work- and family-related calls.

She also has two wallets – one is a gift from Dra. Vicky Belo and is used to carry coins. She still keeps the 100-dollar bill that Dra. Belo put inside. Here’s a lucky tip from Darla: “’Pag ‘yung pera ay galing sa mayaman, huwag mong gastusin. Ilagay mo lang sa wallet mo.” Meanwhile, the other wallet is for bills and where she keeps an extra pen.

Now we go to the “maarte” side that stores her makeup and other girly things. From there, Francine took out her prescription glasses, a rubbing alcohol souvenir from the recent story conference of her upcoming series “Dirty Linen,” a hand cream since too much sanitizer can dry the skin, a prayer booklet from a recent baptism event she attended, an extra pen, and a highlighter since she usually carries a book in her bag

In a separate pouch, she stocks up on sanitary napkins and lip balms. She needs to have extra lip balms as she'd always misplace them.

Francine makes sure to keep receipts, so she can easily track her expenses. She puts her allowance for the whole month in a secret pocket in the bag.

Most of all, she couldn’t leave home without her rosary, “I don’t feel safe ‘pag walang ganito. Nilalagay ko sa bulsa ‘yan ‘pag kinakabahan ako.”

To cap it off, the Kapamilya star shared a piece of advice on how being organized can help us stay focused, “Kailangan talaga ‘yung patutunguhan natin, organized tayo. Iisa ang direksyon, iisa ang pananaw, doon tayo.”

The young actress invited viewers to watch out for her upcoming projects including the series “Dirty Linen” wherein she’s paired with Seth Fedelin.