AshTan gives ultimate kilig feels in How Well Do You Know Each Other Challenge

As thriving celebrities and newly signed Star Magic artists during the Black Pen Day  event, Kapamilya love team Ashley del Mundo and Tan Rocal are excited for the next chapter in their journeys. Get to know all about this by watching their Hotspot interview!

Ashley and Tan were the first to have a chat with Beshie ng Bayan DJ Jhai Ho. It’s the first time for AshTan to be on the live show together, so it was a kilig moment for fans everywhere.

The stars each shared how grateful and blessed they are to be part of the Star Magic family. For Ashley, she could definitely feel that dreams do come true as she used to just imagine herself as one of the stars when she was a kid. Tan feels the same way, and truly did not expect that so many doors would open for him as he pursued his passion to become an artist.

Eventually, the Pinoy Big Brother-born love team AshTan would love to work together with other love teams. One in particular that both of them idolize and hope to collaborate with soon is the Kapamilya on and off screen couple LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil). Tan even shared that they are the one love team that never fails to make him feel kilig every time.

DJ Jhai and AshTan continue to talk about what they look forward to and how their current projects are doing. Ashley is performing amazingly on the top trending romantic series He’s Into Her while Tan is busy with other projects that are still in the works.

Although they are currently working on different things, they still remain very close and constantly catch up. After all, Ashley shared something they both understand, “To grow in the industry, we have to experience different things and explore.” So when they work on a project as a love team again, we know that they will be better honed artists.

Before DJ Jhai let them go, he dared them to do the “How Well Do You Know Each Other” challenge. A bunch of questions were thrown around and we got to find out if they know each other’s favorite food, if Ashley knows Tan’s birthday, and if Tan knows Ashley’s favorite color.

Watch the whole Hotspot interview to get ultimate kilig feels and all the juicy deets from AshTan!