Get to know Anthony Jennings

Anthony Jennings won our admiration for the way he handles problems with a happy mindset, thus looking at life with a better perspective. In this video from “Tara, G!,” the actor exuded his signature cool guy demeanor while talking about his childhood and career, and portraying Rocky in the iWantTFC series.

Commencing with his family background, he mentioned that he is born to a British dad and a Filipina mom. Growing up in Negros Occidental with his grandparents, he experienced the best childhood spent playing on the beach and learning how to fish since it was his grandfather’s source of livelihood.

Although challenging, he enjoys his role as a breadwinner. After all, he is doing it for the people he loves, especially his siblings, with whom he is very close and loves to bond by playing basketball and video games. 

About his career, Anthony mentioned he started as a dance trainee before he was introduced to commercial modelling by a talent scout. Star Magic then reached out after watching one of his commercials. His life as an aspiring artist was a mix of happy and difficult. He’d rather make the most of his journey than dwell on inevitable rejections. He has this admirable trait of keeping calm even in negative situations as if saying that even failures can be a silver lining if only we remain calm than overreact to the situation.

“Doon mo mas makikilala ‘yung sarili mo, eh, kung sino ka talaga, kasi macu-curious ka kung bakit gustong-gusto mo itong ginagawa mo. ‘Pag may mga times na nagkakagano’n tayo, siguro mas hanapin natin kung ano ‘yung mas nakakapagpasaya sa atin,” he mused.

Anthony’s resilience reflects on his character as Team Wise’s Rocky in the ‘barkada’ series “Tara, G!” They have differences, though, admitting that while Rocky is a hundred percent attuned to his goals, the real Anthony still feels lost sometimes. And that’s normal. It’s okay to still be trying to figure out what other things you want to do in life.

One thing is for sure – he wants to give his best in this project and for the viewers to love and admire Rocky as much as he embraced the character. This series is special to him because, for one, it’s his first role, and more so it brought him genuine friendships.

“Isa rin sa maganda sa project ‘yung nabigyan ako ng maayos na pagkakaibigan. Noong time ng Tara, G shoot, ‘yung iba nagsasabihan ng mga problema, nagbe-breakdown,” he looked back, adding that working with his real-life friends in the peaceful Atok, Benguet, where the fictional community called La Guerta is set, reminded him so much of his childhood in the province. And that’s exactly what he wishes viewers may feel about the series.

“Naaalala ko ‘yung community namin sa province, y’ung kami-kami lang nagkikita, ‘yung lungkot din. Once na nakita mo na parang ‘yung community ninyo is dying na, parang may mga tao nang nagsisialisan kasi may mga sariling problems, palalakasin niya rin ‘yung loob mo in a way na magiging hopeful ka. Kami ng Team Wise, ‘yun ang nagbo-bond sa amin, kung paano namin bubuhayin ‘yung community namin, paano namin paaandarin ulit ‘yung lugar. Parang kami ‘yung naging gasolina nu’ng lugar.”

He continued, “’Yung mararamdaman mo, parang umuwi ka sa tahanan mo. Feel mo safe kasi kasi ‘yun ang safe spot mo. It’s like home. It’s like going home.”

Feel the warmth of Team Wise’s solid friendship in “Tara G!,” starring Anthony Jennings, Kaori Oinuma, JC Alcantara, Vivoree, CJ Salonga, Zach Castaneda, and Daniela Stranner, streaming via iWantTFC.