Anthony Jennings shares previous life, beliefs in “Then and Now

“Tara, G” star Anthony Jennings is not scared to be vulnerable about the difficult past experiences that brought him to where he is today – a place where there are lessons to be learned and so much growth to embrace. In this video titled “Then and Now” on iWantTFC’s YouTube Channel, the rising star muses on how much he’s changed in different areas of life.

Commencing from his views on friendship, Anthony shared he has kept in touch with some of his childhood pals. But, getting older, he learned that not all friends can be beneficial to your journey, thus, “Pipili ka lang din kung sinong mapagkakatiwalaan mo.”

The Anthony before is inexperienced in love and relationships. Now, realizes that love keeps one motivated to work hard for the future. He also believes the most solid, realest kind of love is only experienced once it leads to marriage and family life, “Doon kasi magbabago ‘yung buhay mo, once na nagkaanak ka na, once na may asawa ka na. Doon siguro ‘yung feeling mo madudurog ka ‘pag nawala ‘yung pamilya mo.”

On his career, there have been improvements despite the slow process. Anthony pressed that success doesn’t happen overnight. He’s okay with the twists and turns and detours, believing that they’re all part of the journey, and therefore he doesn’t compare himself to other artists. “Hindi gano’n ka-perfect ang buhay at hindi araw-araw Pasko. May way ka, may kailangan ka talagang pagdaanan na sarili mo. Kailangan mong mag-grind para maabot mo ‘yung gusto mo.”

Besides, the longer the journey, the sweeter the victory, “Mas pinapahalagahan mo ‘yung mga bagay habang tumatanda ka kaysa naman ‘yung na-jackpot-an mo lang, nakuha mo lang, mabilis mawala ‘yun minsan.”

This mindset is different from that of his younger self, who thought success is one-time thing. Now at 21, his definition of success is, “’Yung masasabi mong ‘okay na ako.’ Marami ka pang pagdadaanan para maabot ‘yun. Hindi gano’n kadali.”

The Rise Artist is admirable for how he deals with bashers, saying, “Bigyan na lang natin ng malawak na pag-iisip sa lahat ng bagay.”  Coming from a place of humility, he said he is not that famous to be bashed. But if he gets some negative comments, he would examine if he did something wrong or by mistake. From there, he can improve himself and even thank the bashers for constructive criticism. However, he would also take action once the bashing goes below the belt.

Anthony further opened up about his past and present living situation, describing the old him as happy-go-lucky. The Filipino-British actor grew up in Negros Occidental with his grandparents. Life there was simple and peaceful. Since his grandpa was a fisherman, he had to learn the ropes as well. They would wake up at 3 am and walk from their house to the beach for an hour. Some might say Anthony had a difficult childhood but his younger self never saw it that way. Instead, he found it enjoyable and happy.

Comparing the then and now, Anthony noted he has improved a lot, especially now that he has the opportunity to support himself and his family.

He has truly come a long way but one thing remains the same – his humility. The actor, who plays Rocky in the iWantTFC series “Tara, G,” acknowledged that it took collective effort to take him where he is today. With that, he thanked his bosses for taking a chance on him.

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