Angelica Panganiban Star Magic Out of the Box Challenge

Do you need a laugh and some serious advice at the same time? Angelica Panganiban took on Star Magic’s Out of the Box Challenge and it is exactly what you need. From partying and vacations to credit cards and potatoes, she answered random questions and gave informative answers. Have fun while you learn about life in this video!

If you get bored, just do what Angelica does—talk to yourself. Although, eventually you will get bored with yourself too. When that happens, try watching Korean dramas. They are a great way of passing time. It can get addicting, but at least it will not kill you unlike smoking cigarettes. “Bad ‘yun sa health n’yo. ‘Wag n’yong gagawin ‘yun,” she advised.

We all have different spirit animals, but have you ever wondered what your party animal is? The Kapamilya actress believes she could be a monkey since they know how to have fun. Swinging from tree to tree and just doing whatever they want. But if you prefer a more relaxing activity, try building sandcastles. It may seem pointless since it is just a sandcastle, but at least the ants have somewhere to live for a while.

Fake people are worse than liars. Everyone lies at least once in their life. “Kahit nga ako, nakapagsinungaling pero hindi ako plastik,” she added. Meanwhile, running out of patience is worse than running out of money. “Pera ko hindi basta bastang nauubos pero pasensiya ko konting konti na lang,” Angelica said.

At the end of the day, sky’s the limit. But credit cards have limits too. So, do whatever you want, as long as you do not feed her Banana Sundae co-stars Jayson Gainza and Ryan Bang spoiled food. Check out this video to find out what else Angelica Panganiban said in this Out of the Box Challenge!