Andrea, Seth engage in fun “Face Off” on courtship, love, dreams, showbiz life

It indeed rained green hearts on the official YouTube channel of Star Magic last June 6 as one of this generation’s hottest loveteams – Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes – graced the pilot episode of its newest online program Star Magic Presents Face Off.

Hosted by Robi Domingo, the program features a pair or group of Star Magic talents in each episode to put them in an exciting and cordial debate regarding certain issues or topics that he will give them, as well as to let them share something about themselves and one another.

In their guesting, SethDrea imparted their sentiments regarding courtship, love, dreams, and showbiz life, and even talked about their personal relationship and lives behind the camera. As they enlighten the viewers on their unbelievable words of wisdom, the two also didn’t fail to spread kilig and good vibes with their hilarious quips and banters with each other and the host, as well as with their funny anecdotes.

The two teen stars may have a little argument about who should make the first move in courtship or if it’s still relevant, as Seth believes that guys should be the one to do it while Andrea reveals being the first one to woo the boy she used to admire, yet they both agreed that it’s indeed important for two persons to get to know each other well before entering in a relationship.

They also conveyed their opinion on whether or not we should choose between ambitions and love, and went on to talk about their ideal life timeframes and aspirations they aim to fulfil. Robi also made them answer a few random fan questions, such as who’s the first one to console the other every time they quarrel, which is more important between friendship and romance, and who usually treats the other.

SethDrea then talked about their lives under the limelight by sharing what they think is the right age to enter the entertainment industry and the best and worst things about being an artista.

Click on the video to find out Seth and Andrea’s awesome answers to the thought-provoking and random questions hurled at them, as well as to witness their admirable sweetness and naughtiness even they’re apart.