Kapamilya Chat with Anji Salvacion

Star Magic artist Anji Salvacion spread sunshine on a Friday (January 14) afternoon as she graced Kapamilya Chat to talk about her PBB experience – and all things sunny. 

If there’s one thing Anji learned from her Pinoy Big Brother stint that she’d like to bring to the outside world, it would be ignoring negativities. Now able to watch the episodes, Anji said she’s more than satisfied with how she lived the PBB life. She has no regrets, knowing she did all her best. Besides, everything that happened, whether it looked good or bad, brought her to a place of learning. She’s just focusing her mind on growth and happiness. “I am so grateful for everything, kahit negative stuff na nagawa ko, I get to learn something through that and I get to change myself for the better,” she said.

One of the most trending episodes of PBB Kumunity Season 10 witnessed Anji’s heart-to-heart conversation with KD Estrada about their real status. Anji told KD that nothing romantic will come out of their closeness and that friendship is all she could offer him.

The incident drew mixed reactions from viewers. Despite the mishmash of opinions, Anji believes it was best for their healing. She never sugar-coated their situation, keeping her words unfiltered yet as kind as possible – all because she values him. It wasn’t easy on her part, either, but she had to do it.

“I just want to make this clear to everyone na hindi talaga madali sa akin to say those things to him because he’s really important to me as a friend. I do cherish friendships,” she said.

Anji continued, “Even though i-shower ako ng hate ng lahat ng tao, I’ll do anything to help the person, although ako din mismo ang masasaktan because that person is important to me. I will do anything to help that person especially if it also affects his mental health.”

For Anji, she did everything she could and tried all methods to help KD overcome his anxiety, although she doesn’t want to take merit. “I don’t like to take credit for my help kasi ginawa din niya ‘yun para sa sarili niya and I am proud of him.”

But at that moment, she knew “breaking up” his false hopes would be best to encourage him to stand up for himself and grow. Equally hurt with what happened between them, Anji realized she’s been too hard on herself. Sometimes she’d blame herself for other people’s suffering. Through Kuya’s help, however, she learned to also prioritize her needs and practice self-love.

“Naiiyak ako sa sinabi ni Kuya sa akin before na bata pa ko pero pagod na ang puso ko. It really did affect me as a person during those days kasi I take all the pain. I forgot to give love for myself,” shared Anji, adding that she could only bring happiness to other people if she herself feels happy inside.

The “Singing Sweetheart of Siargao” went on to talk about dealing with bashers, passing on a superb piece of advice she got from volleyball star Alyssa Valdez, the other half of PBB Kumunity Season 10 Celebrity Edition Top 2. She said Alyssa look at the bashers as mere “noises” and told her “to make those noises as stepping stones toward achieving your dreams.”

So, stone her all you want but Anji will only turn the stones into her own power tools. “Hindi po ako naaapektuhan. Instead, it motivates me to work harder. It motivates me to get out of my comfort zone. Don’t let anything affect you but turn that negativity into positivity for your betterment and for you to grow,” she said, smiling.

The unbreakable optimism is clearly one factor that helped unlock bigger successes for the 19-year-old artist. Anji now has the platform to also inspire other dreamers. And she told them to always stay true to their core. “Mahirap magpanggap to be somebody else kasi mapapagod ka,” she said, speaking from experience. Anji admitted that she tried to be someone she’s not when she was a commercial model at 17.

“Natutunan ko doon na dapat I should be like more myself lang rather than to lose myself. If you want to reach your dreams, you don’t want to be like somebody else that you’re not. Then people would demand you to be like this and this, mapapagod ka at makakasakit ka lang ng ibang tao. What I could suggest is to stay true to who you are,” said Anji.

She stressed that it pays to be brave. You wouldn’t move up if you refuse to take the first step. She added that prayer, above all, is the most important weapon in making your dreams happen.

Asked one song to describe her PBB journey, Anji sang a few lines from “Dalampasigan,” which she wrote in the PBB house with the help of housemates KD and Alexa Ilacad, dedicated to her ‘kababayans’ in Siargao, one of the areas greatly damaged by Typhoon Odette.

Anji thanked everyone who continues to support her and invited fans to keep tuning in to PBB Kumunity Season 10.