KD Estrada Alexa Ilacad Metro Talks

A few days before their highly-anticipated concert-slash-fan meet entitled “Closer,” Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Celebrity Edition ex-housemates KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad already spread kilig vibes during their recent virtual interview in “Metro Talks” published on Tuesday, February 22, on Metro.Style’s official YouTube channel.

The episode started off with a montage chronicling how their admirable friendship and phenomenal team-up was born while they were still inside the house. Their mutual love for music has paved the way for them to become comfortable in opening up to each other about their personal struggles, and later on becoming the best of friends.

The KDLex tandem was eventually launched when they stepped out of the yellow house at the same time and since then, they’ve been dubbed the “Hottest Musical Pair.” And now, the two musicians are about to fulfill one of their dreams as they hold their first concert-slash fan conference this coming February 26, Saturday, via KTX. 

They may have already crossed paths a number of times in various events prior to joining the reality program since they have the same handler in Star Magic, yet both of them disclosed that they couldn’t recall talking to nor seeing each other. Thus, they consider their PBB stint as the very first instance that they’d met. 

When asked about their first impression towards one another, Alexa described him as “just a really quiet, shy boy,” making it easy for her to deduce that he’s an introvert. Meanwhile, he related how “she had a very strong personality and she just, overall, had such a huge presence in the room.” But despite the extreme differences in their personalities, they still managed to get closer just on their first week inside the house – thanks to their mutual love for music.

Those who religiously followed their journey in the competition would know that both of them courageously opened up about the struggles they were going through during that time. And their vulnerability has inspired not only the viewers, but each other, too. 

For Alexa, his willingness to fight for whatever he was feeling and his being stronger than their condition, as well as how he was able to conquer his demons and use his platform to spread awareness have inspired her. On the other hand, KD was stirred by how she has managed to be still caring and nurturing towards the people around her while fighting her own demons at the same time. Thus, he wanted to take good care of her as much as she cared for others.

With regards to the best advice they gave one another, the 18-year-old actor-musician imparted that Alexa thought him to “let the pain remind you that your heart can heal” and that the negative feelings will just definitely going to pass. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old former child actress shared that more than the verbal advices, his constant presence has taught her to feel better about herself as he listens to her and guides her to become confident and secured about herself.

When it comes to the one thing they love doing together, both of them enthused that it’s eating or having food trip, and, of course, making music together. But sometimes, they’re just okay for doing nothing and simply enjoy the “piece of peace and quiet” that each other’s company provides.

Since both of them are musically-inclined, Alexa saw it as an obvious move because they’ve already showcased their talents while they were still inside the house – from simple jamming sessions with the housemates to composing songs for the Christmas special, ASAP Natin ‘To, and “Isaang Daan sa Pagtutulungan” fundraising campaign for Typhoon Odette survivors.

“When it was pitched to us, I was so ecstatic. I was so happy that we get to perform the songs we made and just having that concert feel kasi pangarap ko, pangarap ni KD na magkaroon ng concert, tapos ito pa, magkasama kami. So, it’s really nice,” she stated. 

KD seconded it by adding that it’s going to be a great experience as they’re going to perform their original compositions and that it would be a perfect way to send the messages that they want to make.
“It’s more like an interactive fan meet actually. So, it’s like a 2-in-1 – it’s a concert and a fan meet because I think, we have a tie-up with KUMU. There’s a campaign now for streamers to compete on who will be a guest on our show,” she shared when asked about the concept of their “Closer” concert.

Then she continued, “And we also have, for those who bought SVIP and VIP tickets, like a fan meet via Zoom. So, it’s just very interactive. The songs that we’re going to be singing, we were very hands-on and we wanted to make sure that these are songs that we know have a very special meaning to us and to our ‘Sweethearts’ as well, to our fans.”

On the notion of them being hailed as the “Hottest Musical Pair,” KD thought that it really fits them because they truly complement each other – he mostly plays the guitar while Alexa is truly good with writing lyrics. Meanwhile, Alexa loves it since it signifies that they’re not just an ordinary loveteam and she doesn’t see herself being paired with anyone else since their tandem has helped her pursue her music, which is something that she really wants to do. Thus, she finds being partnered with KD “a blessing for me”.

When asked how close they are now, KD stated that “very close is an understatement” as they share a lot of things together. Besides, their tandem, for him, is not boring since they are both the same and different in a lot of ways. Alexa, on the other hand, related that she may have known a lot of people through the years, but the special connection she has made with KD surpasses everything else.

While former housemates of PBB would express how thankful they were for the experiences and lessons they reaped from the reality show, KD considers Alexa as his “key takeaway” from his remarkable stint.

“I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life, and then out of all the people inside the house, Lex was honestly one of the first ones to help me with it. She gives me the strength to do a lot of things inside the house and I’ll always be thankful for that. So there, Lex is also my biggest takeaway because she gave me strength,” he elaborated.

Watch this “Metro Talks” episode to catch the kilig vibes KDLex spread yourselves! Show your love and support to KD and Alexa by not missing their much-awaited “Closer” concert and fan meet this coming February 26, Saturday, via KTX. Get your tickets now on ktx.ph!