AC Bonifacio talks about being Star Magic Records’ first-ever artist, debut single “Fool No Mo!”

She’s undoubtedly one of the most talented artists of her generation, consistently astounding us with her spectacular dance performances on ASAP Natin ‘To every Sunday and world-class dance covers that she shares online. But with the release of her first-ever single “Fool No Mo!” recently, AC Bonifacio is able to prove that she’s definitely not just a dancer, but a promising singer as well.

And she further talked about her song and her blossoming singing career in her guesting in the latest episode of Hotspot, as well as responded to the assumptions about her sent in by her fans on Instagram.

Host DJ Jhai Ho commenced their fun and chikahan by asking AC what has been keeping her occupied nowadays, to which she divulged that she’s been busy with her online interviews, KUMU show, weekly ASAP Natin ‘To stints, as well as her voice lessons and dance trainings in preparation for her music that they’re finally releasing and working on. But every time she doesn’t have work, she reveals that she usually sleeps.

When asked how does it feel to be the first-ever artist to be launched under the newly-established Star Magic Records, the 18-year-old multifaceted artist expressed that she “just feels so honored”.

“It’s an amazing journey, it’s a new journey for my career po to be under Star Magic Records, of course, with the help of Direk Lauren [Dyogi], Sir Jonathan [Manalo], Ate Love, Ate DJ, Sir Roxy [Liquigan]. All of them helped me and I’m just very grateful na I’m being guided by good group of people in this new part of my career po,” she said.

As they tackled her first-ever single “Fool No Mo!,” AC disclosed that it speaks about empowerment and knowing where to stand and how one should be treated, to which everyone could definitely relate, so they decided for it to be the first track that they would release. In relation to that, she also imparted how she’s able to cope from broken friendships by keeping herself occupied with work and with the help of her other friends.

Another reason that got her thrilled with this new endeavor was how the higher-ups allowed her to put in her thought and comments in the “Fool No Mo!” music video, which took them one whole day and four costume and set changes to accomplish. Besides, she also revealed that ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo let her contribute to her first single by telling her to write the rap part, which, according to her, has become her favorite part as it reflects who she really is. She heeded to DJ Jhai Ho’s request to give him and the viewers a sample of it. 

They then proceeded to the “Assumptions Challenge” segment, wherein AC had to address the assumptions about her sent in by her fans on Instagram, namely, “She is undeniably beautiful with a heart”, “don’t know how to speak a lot of Tagalog words”, “shy type”, “she has a sweet personality po”, and “boyfriend na niya si Nate [Porcalla]”.

Watch this video to see everything that happened in the fun and exciting conversation if DJ Jhai Ho with AC in this episode of Hotspot!